Friday, October 31, 2008


When we hear the words "Trick or Treat?", we probably all automatically think of HALLOWEEN! But I do believe that if we allowed our thoughts to continue, we could all name several situations or issues, especially recently, where "Trick or Treat?" would be appropriate! To name a few: a $700 BILLION dollar bailout (actually a little more than that now!) that HAD to be pushed through or civilization would end, Ted Stevens, campaign commercials and debates, gas prices, and I could go on...

Whether your "examples" come via television, radio, internet, or life itself, we could all spend hours discussing how we have at one time or another been "tricked" instead of "treated". Those times that what initially looked so good on the surface, didn't turn out quite the way you expected. Those experiences can cause us to become so jaded with life and with individuals that our eyes become "clouded".

Let me renew your hope! If life has seemed to offer more "tricks" than "treats" for you, or if you find yourself still focusing on a specific situation, know this...

There is a Lord who knows YOUR NAME. He knows every hair on your head. He knew you before you were born. So no matter how many "tricks" life throws your can always have hope because the God of ALL CREATION has a plan for you and NOTHING surprises Him!

"For I know the plans I have for you," declares the LORD, "plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future. 12 Then you will call upon me and come and pray to me, and I will listen to you. 13 You will seek me and find me when you seek me with all your heart". Jeremiah 29:11-13

*Thanks to my wife for filling in for me today and writing this blog!

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

The Good Fight

Those who know me very well, know that I enjoy following politics. I like to know what is going on in the government. I enjoy some of the strategy of politics. I even like some of the good, old-fashioned mudslinging even though it is useless and juvenile. But this election season has really burned me out, turned me off, and rolled me over. I am also becoming more jaded toward government, and with good reason. I feel like a man without a party or a person to represent me in government. And though I blame government for alot of this, it does sadly reflect upon the people of the U.S.A. The reflection is not one of evil, but of apathy. And I feel like apathy has gotten us into the political mess that we are in today. It at least started us on the current pathway.

As I thought about these things last night, I thought that I would do my blog on all things political today. I probably couldn't get it all in, but it could have been the beginning of a three or four part blog leading up to the election. And as I thought about it, I became angry. Angry at too many things to mention now. And as my anger gained momentum and I became too tired to keep it in check, I realized that I need to step back and rethink things. What were the things that I really count on in life? Where is my general will to fight the good fight, so to speak? Where is my hope?

And I realized that I had lost my perspective again. I had let my intensity and my emotions get the best of me. I was thinking too much of people and crisis and how to fix the world, at least in my own mind. In my desire to see things get better and my assumption that they weren't getting better, I lost my focus. I forgot where I usually place my hope. I was losing peace.

But thankfully the Holy Spirit came through. Despite of myself. And His job as counselor and comforter was done perfectly, as it always is.

And it wasn't a big billboard type of thing. There were no shooting stars. Nothing flashed in neon telling me to remember who was in control. Just that small, steady voice reminding me that God is sovereign, regardless of who is in what position. Regardless of what happens. Despite our shortcomings or our strengths. God is sovereign and nothing surprises Him.

And I was reminded that Jesus was our life model when He was here on Earth. His example would better suit me to prepare to fight the good fight. He never shied away from politics or crisis. He never let anyone roll over Him without allowing them to do so. He was active in society in social matters. He was involved in the world around Himself.

But that wasn't His focus. He always remembered why He was here and what His purpose was. Regardless of Rome or Israel. He maintained His focus on the Father and on others. That is how He fought apathy. That is how He made a difference in people's lives. That is how He was able to be involved without being jaded and overwhelmed.

So I have nothing political to write today. I will, at sometime today, watch the news and I will probably get angry at apathy, ignorance, and corruption. But I will not allow it to alter my focus. At least not today.

This may be hard for some people to understand, and it may be very easy for others to comprehend. I hope it helps everyone in some manner or fashion. And know that sharing this reminder that was shared with me is my contribution to the good fight...

Monday, October 27, 2008

Mondays Musings

I hope everyone had a good weekend and are refreshed and ready to face the work week. Now for some of my thoughts, none of which will help you prepare for the week ahead:

Is it any wonder that the new England Patriots have such a good record at home? With officiating always in their favor, they should win most of their games. Of course, the Rams blew the game on their own yesterday. Marc Bulger was so poor that he eliminated the biased officiating. The game was there for the winning, but good old stone feet, rag armed, throw off the back foot, giddy, skittish, never look off a defender, or cant make a screen pass Bulger helped it go to the Patriots. But on a good note, Pittman had a good day running the ball. He actually hit the holes better than look at me, self-centered, know-it-all, I'm smart as the coach, self-centered, over rated, happy feet, dancing boy, self-centered, trip on the chalk line, self-centered Steven Jackson...I bet you didn't know that my expertise even qualifies me as a self-proclaimed general manager in the NFL.

And speaking of the NFL, the Rooney Rule had good intentions behind it and probably did some good at one time.But now it is nothing more than a technicality and a hassle.

On the political scene: We all need to watch how this latest conflict in Syria unfolds. This could be a bigger issue than many of us understand. If I were a better blogger, I would have a link here so you could read about the conflict. Maybe i will work on that this week. Anyway, you should read up on the attack on the news site of your choice.

Does anyone besides myself wonder why abortion is portrayed as a religious issue? It seems like murder to me and the last time I checked. I know that this is considered my opinion and that is a controversial topic, but what else do you call "termination of a pregnancy?" It is murder. That's the only way to terminate a pregnancy. And if someone kills an expectant mother they are often tried for the murder of the unborn child as well as the mother. How does that make sense legally? And the argument about a woman's choice doesn't make sense either. Should women be allowed to determine who lives or dies because of their role in the process of childbirth? I know I probably lost some readers with this opinion, but I do feel strongly about it. None of the arguments for abortion make sense to me. And this is a moral issue, but not a religious issue. Maybe politics caused it to become religious. I would like to write more on this, but the savages are very restless today and I will do good to finish my thoughts as they are...

How about the story last week about "scientist erasing specific memories in mice". It seems that scientist have determined that they can erase bad memories in mice. What? Yeah, you read it right...Some thoughts that come to my mind were, what bad memories do mice have? Or how did they determine these bad memories existed? Did a mouse tell them? Do they not know that Stuart was a movie? Or that Mickey is just a cartoon mascot? And how did they then determine that the bad memories where erased? Did the mice smile more often after treatment? Did they begin to skip through the mazes instead of scurrying frantically? And how did the reduced stress level in mice affect cheese consumption? Do they have an artists rendition as proof?

And how about the scientist in Australia determining that honeybees could count. But only to the number four. How did they know that? They don't even have hooves to clomp, like the counting horses do. Apparently, the scientist set up strips in a tube and the bees flew to the strip that had food. They then removed the food and the bee would fly back to the same strip. But they would only do this action up to the fourth strip, meaning that the bees could only count to four. And I believe one scientist overheard on of the bees counting out loud as he searched for the strip with the food. And he counted one, two, three, four, six, nine, ten, eight, etc. sort of like my kids do when they are in a hurry and bored with my asking them to perform their parlor tricks in front of company. It makes me wonder if they checked the age of the bees. Maybe they uses child bees. Or maybe the bees have ADD and need ritalin. Maybe this was a different breed of bees, unlike the industrious ones we know of. These were the lazy bees. Lazy as an Australian bee...I think somewhere, a butt load of bees are laughing because they fooled the scientist into believing that they could only count to four. Maybe they will do their own study on scientist, "Why do scientist use ten test strips of food when four is all that is required"

And that is about it for today. The kids are quiet, so I better go see what they have broken, are eating, or what is burning down...

Friday, October 24, 2008

Fridays Bombast


How do people like Lindsey Lohan and Paris Hilton continue to get television shows? We can blame media and Hollywood all we care to, but if it weren't for people watching this crap, it would cease to exist. But instead, many people complain about the quality of such shows in public, but watch the same programs in private. Cultural hypocrites.

Speaking of television shows, if you aren't watching "Corner Gas" you are missing good t.v. It comes on WGN in my neck of the woods. It isn't going to better your life or reinvent the wheel, but if you like dry wit it may be for you.

In politics: How ridiculous is it that tax dollars went to purchase Sarah Palin's wardrobe? And to the tune of $150,000. I'm not certain how much of that cost the citizens or how much of it comes from donations, but either way the GOP has more problems than wardrobe. And how can clothes cost so much? Michelle Obama was wearing a $200,00 outfit the other day. Do they wear golden underwear? Shoes lined with platinum? It boggles my mind. And you can probably tell I don't understand by my personal wardrobe of garage sale pajamas, worn out cargo shorts, and outlet mall t-shirts...I know everyone cant be as fashionable as I am, but $150,000 buys a lot of t-shirts and tennis shoes!

And speaking of Sarah Palin, the Dan Quayle treatment of over coaching and lack of interviews is coming back to haunt the Republicans...On a side note, she will be in St. Louis to drop the puck at the Blues game tonight. And people have lost their mind! I realize that St. Louis is largely democrat and that people in the Midwest are very loyal to their convictions. But to raise the fuss of Palin dropping the puck leans a little towards ridiculous; almost to kool-aid drinking ridiculous. I agree that political politics have no place in sports and that many of us watch sports as a reprieve from the sometimes depressing news. But to balk at a game or stay away in protest because of who drops the puck? And to incite riots and raise our ire to such a degree over an act that will take fifteen seconds? Maybe things aren't that bad after all. despite the economic woes, political discord, recession, global chaos, the lousy treatment of Christians in China, the tragedies in Africa, etc we still find time to get worked up over who drops the puck in a minor ceremony on a semi-meaningless game the third full week into the season. I think we should be glad that we still can complain freely...And even if Nancy Pelosi dropped the puck, I wouldn't miss the Blues game. I may tune in two minutes later than usual. I may have to take Pepto Bismal before hand. I may even cuss out loud as she drops the puck and I secretly hope for her to fall on her face or her butt, both of which are interchangeable. But I consider myself a true fan. It takes more than that for me to tune out my team. But that's just my opinion.

What music has everyone been listening to lately? I have been listening to Bay area thrash metal. Good stuff! Post what is on your musical list and let's see what's going on...

How about your favorite scary movie? I still like the classics. Old black and whites. The Exorcist is the scariest movie I have ever seen, but it is hard for me to watch. I recommend something more along the lines of, "Invasion of the Body Snatchers" or "The Thing From Outer Space".

And how about Citizen Kane? Best movie ever? or just good? Personally, I have to be in the mood for it and then it's pretty good. But not "best" to me...

McCain votes with his party 86% of the time. Obama votes with his party 97% of the time. Who is more non-partisan?

Obama believes in sharing the wealth. But that is only sharing your wealth, not his. He and Michelle donate 2% of their earning to charitable causes. And that huge spike only occurred this last year. The McCains donate 26% of their income...just thought you may want to know that. It is a character issue that needs to be spotlighted, in my opinion.

I do apologize for my strong opinion of the political parties to my friends and family that vote democrat. Actually, I don't apologize. I just want to let them know that I am proud that they vote, that they vote their convictions, and that they are good people whether or not we agree on the issues or personnel. And you all know that i am opinionated and usually vocal. I have written it before; we are what works in this country. People who don't agree, but care and respect each other enough to listen to the other side and come to a conclusion based on our convictions. And we still remain loyal to each other. Thank God for my friends. We may cancel out each others vote, but I never have to guess who has my backside protected in a fight!

To end things today, those voting in Mo.should vote NO on proposition A. Don't believe all that junk about money going to schools. The casinos exploited our children fifteen years ago with this same dribble. And if it is the truth, why are paying any school tax? Socially, this exploits the poor. Economically it doesn't make sense in today's economy. If less people have money to spend in the casinos, then why raise the losing limits? Could it be to cover the casinos butts? Don't be fooled, this isn't about our children. It isn't even about a symbiotic relationship between schools and gaming...and just for the record, i don't oppose casinos because of religious belief or moral standard. It is what gaming does socially and economically that disturbs me.

And that's it for today. I hope everyone has a good weekend! God Bless!

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Wednesdays Rantings on Theory and Conspiracy

First of all, I would like to thank my wife for the blog on Monday. She did her usual fantastic job and from the feedback that I have received, made a lot of people stop and think. As for myself, I'm mostly wondering why there aren't more horror movies on t.v. We are close to Halloween. And we have Christmas decorations for sale at Wal-Mart. So why no creature features? Especially the old black and whites? I need to see "Creature From the Black Lagoon". I'm jonesing for Bela Lugosi, Lon Chaney Jr., and Boris Karloff...

Otherwise I have nothing very important on my mind this morning. Just some random thoughts:

Why do we need another $200 billion for more bailout? Did the makers of wooden arrows not receive enough pork? And look how well the first trillion has worked. Do our congressmen really think that we are that easy? Does anyone else feel like we are being scammed; like our government is full of confidence men and flim-flam artists? I'm not usually this jaded, but this congress is atrocious. And that is being generous. I suggest that everyone write their congress person and let them know what you think. I have one letter to Jo Ann Emerson in already and am working on another. We should let them know that they may actually lose their jobs if they don't begin to represent us.

And how about Joe Biden saying that we will be tested with some type of calamity if Obama is elected? To say that rogue state or organization will test the unproven leader's mettle seems not only counterproductive but not a smart strategic move. Of course the liberal media would have to jump on the story first. How many of you have even heard about Biden's statement? He is by far worse about foot in mouth disease than Sarah Palin, but they are crucifying that poor lady. And i say that not because I am conservative, but because it is the truth. She has had alot of unfair treatment and inaccurate portrayal in the news. And i don't agree with giving her the Dan Quayle treatment. Let her interview and let her speak her mind. If the GOP has any real confidence in her they will loosen the reins.

Rounding out the political train of thought, i actually read that John Hinkley attempted to assent Reagan because he was friends with the Bush family and there was a conspiracy to make George H. Bush president. I am not making this up. I know there are conservative not jobs, see Rush Limbaugh, but I am afraid that the liberals are far more advanced in their conspiracy. Just look at Hollywood if you don't believe me. And that's not because i am conservative; just look at the facts...and I knew the Bush family could control hurricanes, but I had no idea that W. was so powerful in the 80's. And they said he was busy partying...little did we know...

And how about Brett Favre's classless act of turning stool-pigeon on his former team. And though he did nothing illegal, he certainly was unethical. But he will get a free pass on this also. We worship celebrity. And ESPN and Sports Illustrated contribute to that as much as the news, E chanel, and Hollywood. They may not lean in any direction politically, but they lean, none the less.

In the science news, a mountain range in Antarctica has been found. And scientist say that it shouldn't be there. That is right, it shouldn't be there. They say that the Gamburt Mountain Range defies laws of tectonics and vulcan theory. They have no understanding of where it came from or how they were formed. They aren't even certain of an age. Yet last week they dated some rock with a footprint and found an exact age. I guess they misplaced their radiocarbon dating kit this week. Or maybe it doesn't work on ice. Whatever it is, I'm certain that they will receive grants, get the top minds on the case, and solve this mystery. They will never admit that they aren't certain. Even if they have to create another theory to make all of the other theories accurate. Then they will label it as fact, when it is just another half baked theory. And professors in colleges who never panned out to be significant, will sell this fraud to the masses. But I will be the ignorant one for not accepting their findings on blind faith. Sounds a little dogmatic to me.

And that is about it for today. I will continue to solve the world's problems on Friday.

Monday, October 20, 2008


My heart is heavy as I type this morning. Whether you are a news fanatic or just a channel browser, I would be willing to bet that we all have heard more regarding the economic CRISIS than we care to hear. Is this an opportunity for Wall Street or Washington scare tactics, or could we really be staring in the face of “uncomfortable-ness”? Could we actually be stepping back into a time that most of our grandparents and some of our parents remember? A time when hard work was more than calling in a pizza for supper or having to wait in line at Wal-Mart to buy groceries…a time when people saved before they bought…a time when people worked incredibly hard to have enough to survive, not to have a surplus…a time when people did not feel entitled, but thankful.

As I read the world news this morning on my lightning-fast internet, in my cushioned chair, with wonderful lighting and a comfortable temperature, my heart ached at the words that filled my mind and the recognition of the subconscious change that had taken place in my own “worldview”. I found myself reflecting on recent conversations that I had taken part in or simply overheard. Conversations regarding election polls, retirement plans, mortgage changes, credit crunches, gas and food prices, slow internet speeds, cable outages, rusty water…and the list could go on. While Americans and other non-third world countries are in an uproar and panic regarding TRILLIONS of dollars…while “we” have been outraged about gas and food prices…while “we” on MAIN STREET AMERICA or BRITAIN or CHINA are focused on how to “bailout so that we do not have a fallout”, there are those on MAIN STREET AFRICA, IRAQ, SUDAN, etc that know very little in regards to the issues that have recently monopolized our daily news. They have little knowledge of sub-prime mortgages, bank bailouts, rescue plans, or rising oil prices. Most do not own a home and will probably never even have the opportunity to do so, earn less than $1 a day for their family, have no concept of “retirement”, and are more focused on eating in order to survive instead of eating for pleasure.

In fact, MAIN STREET ETHIOPIA, at this very moment, has 6.4 million people that are facing a famine such as that in 1984 when over a million people died from starvation. And I ask you, “Who is bailing them out?” Or how about MAIN STREET DARFUR and the 200,000 that have been killed and 2.5 million that have been homeless since 2003 due to the war? And I ask you, “Who is bailing them out?” Or MAIN STREET IRAQ and the 8300 Christians that have been desperately running for their lives for over 5 years? Or the thousands of Kurdish people living in mud-pasted huts under the bleachers of a soccer stadium where they pleaded with the government to provide two hours of running water every two weeks? Why aren’t they screaming about entitlement? For even more perspective, our $700 billion dollar bailout could eradicate world poverty for over 2 years and clear the accumulated debt (twice) of 49 of the poorest nations. Yet, where is our focus?

Guilt-ridden, I find myself putting life in perspective again. How tainted our worldview can be! Is it due to the fact that I had the privilege of being born in a self-sufficient, non-third world country where, for the majority of citizens, we cannot truly comprehend poverty as those in less prosperous countries face on a daily basis with no end or hope for a better way of life? Is it that privilege that has instilled in us that we are ENTITLED to electricity, cable, internet, clean water, vehicles, homes, retirement plans, and an abundance of food that we can have someone else grow, clean, package, or cook for us? Why are WE entitled to those items when millions of people around the world aren’t? Are we “set apart”? Are we more “worthy”? Isn’t that what we are implying when we will spend TRILLIONS to bailout our own problems, then complain that it is taking too long or adversely affecting our lifestyles, and yet overlook the atrocities they face on a daily basis?

I am overwhelmed by one persistent thought this morning… “When faced with an inconvenience or an opportunity where I would normally complain due to a subconscious feeling of entitlement, remember MAIN STREET…not MAIN STREET AMERICA…BUT MAIN STREET “REALITY”…and simply be thankful.”

Friday, October 17, 2008

The Debate, WASP12b, And The Economy of BBQ

Random musings:

Is anyone else glad that we are finished with the presidential debates? The last debate at Hofstra University wasn't very exciting but thanks to Joe the plumber, it could turn out to be a pretty significant debate.

Barak Obama is beginning to believe his press and carries himself like he has the election in the bag. It wasn't just his usual arrogance that made him seem boorish, but his being happy to just punt the ball on fourth down. If he has any killer instinct, he could have came closer to nailing the coffin shut on McCain. Instead he just played it safe.

And speaking of killer instinct, could McCain be any more coached? He could have scored major points by being the McCain of old; mad at congress, direct in pushing blame, straight to the point on current issues. But he played the sorrow card and seemed a little milquetoast to me. And no killer instinct either. He jabbed at Obama a lot but never tried to deliver the knockout punch. Obama was on the ropes on abortion and William Ayers and McCain allowed a lie and pandering of Obama, thus letting him off of the ropes.

Neither candidate did anything to change many minds of the undecided voter. I do think McCain came out the winner, but not because of style. I think doubt about Obama's character and decision making has risen, but not by much. But most of that was brought out by the Joe the plumber issue.

And that really is the winner in the debate. Joe the plumber. Even though the liberal leaning media has tried to make Joe look foolish and corrupt, Joe better represents the American people. He realizes that hard work, dedication, and dreams fuel not only the national economy but individual economy as well. And like many Americans, Joe doesn't feel that anyone should be penalized for having more; especially when they have worked for it. Americas most popular plumber doesn't want government interference or a quick fix. He wants to control his own destiny. Too bad Joe isn't running for president...

But all of this is probably old hat now. Most of this has been covered in the news. If anyone has comments or questions, we can have a round table discussion in the comment section.

On a lighter note, scientist now say that they have found another planet and this one is titled WASP 12b. What a romantic moniker. Anyway, the exceptional thing about WASP12b is that it is the hottest planet known. It has a surface temperature of 4000 degrees F. Now that's hot! I'm bot sure what they measured the temperature with; maybe a giant Hubble thermometer. The planet is only 3 million light years away, or something like that. I guess they did it using a calculator and a mathematical equation. Isn't that how you do it at home? Anyway, I'm quite sure they are accurate and will have an artists rendition of WASP12b forthcoming as proof of their genius.

And how about the economy? Thank goodness for the bailout...Just read the headlines and know that things are tough. "Scared Stocks Remain Negative on Economy". Huh? We have resorted to giving stocks emotions? And did they poll the stocks to find out if they are very afraid, mildly afraid, or barely afraid? The American people need to know this before we buy a skittish stock. Someone call Rasmussen...And how about, " Signs You Should Sell a Stock". That's a helpful little nugget now, isn't it? That's about three weeks late.

But the biggest sign the economy is in trouble is the story out of Corning , California. It appears that times are so tough for one family that they cremated their dead mother on a makeshift bar-b-que grill they built in the backyard. After they let the body lay on the kitchen floor for a few days. I guess they didn't have burial coverage...Then the family continued to collect retirement checks that were sent to the deceased. To the tune of $25000 dollars. Times are tough, but dang! At least they didn't sell her as lunch to make $3.25 a sandwich.

On that note I bid you adieu and have a nice weekend!

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Music and Family

What is wrong with music today?

My friend, Jeff sent me an email the other day, telling me to check out a video titled, "Bad Girl" by the artist, and I use the term loosely, named Danity Kane. He then went on to mention how lousy it was and that he was appalled by the product, both in talent, again used loosely, and message.

Jeff has been my best friend for a lot of years and I know he can tolerate a lot of different kinds of music, so my curiosity was triggered when he used the word "appalled". So I followed the link he sent and sat back in my desk chair, ready to experience Danity's artistic expression.

And then it hit me...Oh! The Horror...

This was absolutely atrocious. Absolutely. Even now, two days later, I have trouble finding the words that would explain the level of unpleasantness that I experienced. There was no music. Just the sound of some kind of electronic bat flapping its wings in odd rhythmic torture and a handful of girls trying to harmonize. Granted, this is not the style of music that I enjoy, I can still generally appreciate the talent or understand the artist's expression.

But none of that existed here.

And to make things worse, the concept of the video was terrible. Not only was it shallow and overdone in Hollywood, it was misleading; misleading in the fact that it sent a message to young girls that you can always be a stripper at a peep show if you want to boost your self-esteem.

And this triggered my cognitive process. It made me wonder,"How did we get to this?" Do the music execs and t.v. producers allow just anyone to make a video or release an album? Has the business become so big that it is fully business and no artistry? I can tell you that main stream music has become business and is about marketing and numbers. And supposed shock value; if there were anything left to shock us.

But there is a deeper problem here. And to blame it all on Danity Kane is unfair and incomplete. Her video is only the manifestation of poor taste, style, and judgement. I could find many,many other videos and songs that are just as much of the problem. And not because they take place in a peep show, but because they undermine the fabric of what it is to be young.

Another problem is that we have become very self-deprecating. And not in a humorous, modest way. But in a manner that we may not even realize; at least not in a social manner. And this opens up an entirely new Pandora's Box that I am not willing to tackle this morning.

But I would like to mention a couple of things before I end today's blog. And the most important thing is that our relationship with our children is more crucial today than ever before. Today our children are marketed to at an extremely young age. They are faced with difficult decisions that they must make choices about at an age that they are not yet mature enough to make such decisions.

I have worked with teenagers and kids for ten years or so. And in those short ten years I have seen the social issues change and watched the pressure mount on our youth. And in this period, today, our children are facing a crisis.

That's why our relationship with our children is so important. I have seen, first hand, that kids with strong family relationships can better handle the pressures and stresses of society. And that is whether the family is Christian or not. And I have seen the importance of a father's relationship to his daughter. And if that relationship is strong, the young girl has more esteem and pride and security; and these help lessen the pressures of adolescence. This equips the child to more easily overcome the self-esteem issues and help make better long term decisions. Of course, it is unfair to generalize and sometimes all the parent's love in the world cannot compete with the love of the world; but I would guess that 95% of the time that is not the case.

A mother's relationship with her son is also very special. It has similar positive effects on the young male. And I by no means diminish that relationship by my next remark, but young girls are affected more by the issues of sexuality. Not that young men aren't, but it is more severe in young women. I could write some of my observations of the mother/son relationship, but it would be a rabbit chase for the moment.

I also want to clarify that the family relationship is very important. Not merely father/daughter or mother/son. There is something special about those bonds, but nothing better or worse. And there is no method nor any words to fully explain that. Nothing is more important than our families. Not economics or political policy. Nothing except our relationship with God through Jesus empowered by the Holy Spirit....

I guess I was close to getting on another soapbox, wasn't I? And I bet you are surprised to learn that I am a child psychologist as well as an economist and a quantum physicist and philosopher. I really am a renaissance man. No topic exists that I am not an expert on...

In all seriousness, I do hope that we all think about and tend to our relationships in our family. It would be a huge step in the right direction for a lot of issues that we face.

And even if you don't care about issues or relationships or that you are self-centered to the point of pity; just think that tending to your relationships may at least rid the world of poor music and bad music video.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Insert Intelligent Title Here

Most of you who read this regularly are probably expecting a blog about last nights presidential debate. Well, you would be wrong. I think that the debate was so powerful and mind shattering, that anything I may add would only lessen the degree of WOW! that last nights debate contained.

Besides there are more important questions to be answered and other issues on my mind today.

Like the hearings on the AIG bailout. Shouldn't the hearings and discussions have been held BEFORE Uncle Sam footed the $80 billion? And can't the same be said for the $700 billion bailout? Now that Washington has made their decision, I see that there will be an insight committee formed. Call me crazy, but doesn't insight generally occurr before something happens? Shouldn't these be called HINDSIGHT committees? And I won't even discuss what they should be called if Nancy Pelosi has anything to do with them. Or Barney Frank. But I do think that these people could be psychics or fortune tellers. Or Criss Angel...

But who can think of politics when they have discovered one of the first dinosaurs lived in Canada. It was the Clintonosaurus, I believe. It was dodging the Ice Age. Or the Flood. Science isn't sure which one occurred; yet they can rely on carbon dating to determine the age of this early dino. What precision!

They have determined that the first dinosaur more closely resembled a chicken than a lizard. So my question is, "What did the first chicken resemble?" And how do they know they didn't discover a a prehistoric chicken instead of a prehistoric dinosaur? Oh yeah, there was a footprint in the mud some hundreds of miles away that had been fossilized. And the precision of carbon dating revealed that the two, creature and footprint, conicided. More proof was that the footprint was delicate, showing less weight for the early birdosaur than originally expected. And all of this from a small piece of bone and some rock. Maybe they should form a foresight committee...anyway they found this bone fragment and now have proof of the Tyranosaurus Chicks diet, skin color, hunting skills, cognitive process, etc and so on; if you consider an artist rendition as who came first? The chicken or the egg? or the small reptile? or chickosaur? Sounds like we have truly made advances in science! Almost as much as the advances in economics!

And whay do my kids wait until I try to do my blog to go crazy? They generally behave like savages, but the sound of the keyboard sends the natives into an absolute frenzy! I have pulled my daughter out of two trash cans, cleaned up a spilled box of pancake mix, changed two diapers- one used/one new, answered my son's questions about hummingbirds and rain no less than five times. Mackenzie ate an old teabag she recovered from a "dumpster dive" and Noah has changed clothes three times. I have chased, wiped, yelled, and monitored since I have began todays web log. And my son is pouring cereal as we speak and his sister is now squealing her war chant ;running after him while milk spills everywhere. All the while I continue to crank out such mind boggling minutiae. Is anyone impressed?

And I wouldn't trade it for anything! My family is my life...

Back to today's rant: What does the M in MTV stand for? I haven't seen a music video in months. Maybe they should be CTV for Crap Television. Or RTV for Reality Television. How about WOTTV for Wate Of Time Television. At least the channel helps washed up celebrities make a few bucks; which should ease the burded of social security...and thank goodness for reality t.v. If it werent for that, writers may have to become creative. What an antiquated notion...

How about the Cincinatti Bengals? ANOTHER player suspended. I do believe thaey have to check the police wire before making out a gameday lineup. Wouldn't you think that someone would figure out that bad character leds to a bad atmosphere and negative production? Hey! Wait a Minute! That sounds like our government!

One last political jab and I'm outta here...The headlines of an article reads, "Homeless 'Driven' to Vote for Obama". Huh? I knew rainbows would shoot out of my butt after he was elected, but before he gets in office? He's already provided vehicles for the poor and homeless. Wow! Just wait until he actually wins an election! A chickenosaurus in every pot!

And with that I bid you adieu. The savages are sending smoke signals now, so I need to circle the wagons and see what they are burning. Have a good hump day!

Monday, October 6, 2008

Alot Like Ecclesiastes. There is Purpose In the Ending

Monday morning. Yippee...

Before I get into my diatribe for the day I would like to offer a word of advice; Never use Windows Vista! Unless you enjoy futility and frustration. I'm not a computer-whiz but i still know it is an inferior product. Nothing is compatible with Vista. It takes way too much memory to run, and then it is painfully slow. Microsoft will tell you that there is nothing wrong with it and give you the major run around when you call and try to get something done with Vista. Best Buy will not honor their warranty if you buy a computer with Vista. They may tell you different, but they have it worked out where they are simply unloading some computers on unknowing buyers. Ditto for Gateway. And don't get me started on Microsoft. It's enough to cause a person to become jaded. And very frustrated.

And actually, that leads into my thoughts for the day, frustration. Not pessimistic or defeated, but absolutely, positively, undeniably frustrated. Approximately to the point of just beyond anger and a little below rage. I guess I am acrimonious due to my frustration.

How did I get to be so frustrated? There are a handful of things that have lead to this recent point of irritation. I already mentioned the Vista issue. I have been fighting this for over a year. Call me stubborn, but I WILL get something done in this area.

And how about this government bailout? Has anyone checked out the stock market today? Not exactly "fixed" by this bailout crock. And I haven't had any rainbows shoot out of my butt like Washington promised. But at least they had the interest of the people in mind when they added over $100 billion in pork. And the makers of wooden arrows. And that's not an exaggeration. There actually was a provision and a large allotment of monies to the makers of wooden arrows. During this time of national crisis, or at least that is how it was told to us, they fleeced more tax money from the U.S. citizens. BUT they are going to pay us back with the money that this bailout will make. Pay us back? How?

And how will they make money? This is the same group of people that denied that there was a problem a few years ago, and now deny that they denied that there was a problem years ago. The most inept financial minds who caused alot of this mess now have close to trillion dollars to play with. Not to mention that they have more authority now that they have caused this mess. Shouldn't government been accountable and reprimanded? If the answer was yes, then why have they now received more power and authority? If the average citizen were to do the same thing in their place of work, they would be not be rewarded for their inept policies and decision making.

And the majority of the American people did not want this bailout. So why did Washington push it through? We are foolish to think that we are being represented in our government.

I will back off of the bailout before I get on too large of a soapbox. I have covered this in previous blogs and there is no need to beat a dead horse.

I will digress on the peoples of Pelosi, Carter, Clinton as well. I do wonder how PBS can have a program about Jimmy Carter coming out soon. What is there to cover? He had a less than forgettable administration and is Exhibit A in the case for shooting presidents after they leave office. How does he rate a documentary? Unless its made by the makers of Spinal Tap.

So what else frustrates me? Besides the St.Louis Rams, there are several things.

How about the market speculators that cause gas to be $4.00 a gallon at the pump when oil is $120 a barrel; yet when crude oil is below $90 a barrel as it is today, there is minimal change in price? Either something is corrupt or the speculators learned failed math in gradeschool. Or they are actually gradeschoolers.

Also I am sickened by this election stuff. Politics have been my thing for years and years. But I have actually reached dew point. I am so saturated with nonsense, lies, manipulation and the like. I am a true conservative, both socially as well as economically. And I can say that there is no political party that represents the majority of my philosophies. I will vote for McCain but it will be while holding my nose. I know that I was on the bandwagon a month ago, but am no longer enthused. After checking the facts and holding he and Palin accountable for their words, like they have asked, I have found that they have lied. Are you as shocked as I am?

I could make excuses for why they lie and manipulate. I could turn a blind eye like others. But I will not. They should especially be honest, since that is one of their platform issues, so to speak. And by the way, do you know who has been the most honest? Statistically speaking Joe Biden has told fewer lies than Obama, McCain,and Palin. He's no shining example of morality nor a paragon of virtue. He's merely told the least amount of lies. As silly as he has made himself look this year, he's the most honest.

Does that frustrate anyone else? That I have to vote for someone who lies to win an election. And I know that some of you reading this may say that they all lie, but the fact is that none of them should... No wonder we don't trust government. They are not trustworthy.

Another thing that frustrates me is lying and saying that it is in someones best interest. Our main stream media does it. Certainly Washington does it. And it happens way too much in our churches. A lie is a lie in anyone's name. And it should never be an option. No matter what degree of technicality we hide behind, deception is deception.

Why do I spank my children for lying? Shouldn't I be rewarding them for learning the American way?

What about the lack of work ethics? Sincerity? People who complain about the dishonest and immoral, yet they do the same things. They watch the same t.v. programs, tell the same lies and dump their work on the same people as those that they accuse of being less honest and wholesome than they are themselves. And usually they pretend to be all the more wise.

And there are many other things that frustrate me. People who misinterpret the Bible so they can make money by exploiting the naive and truly needy. And I am frustrated by people who don't go to church because they use people's greed and dishonesty as an excuse. Christ is our model, not preachers, deacons, Sunday school teachers, and associate pastors. An excuse is the same as a lie.

I am frustrated by the fact that we need the media and that they play a huge role in our lives, yet they are dishonest and underhanded as well. I have to vote for someone dishonest who is exposed by someone dishonest who represents someone dishonest.

So I guess I have made my point. Dishonesty frustrates me. It costs alot of money and hurts alot of feelings. It causes our churches to be half empty and gives excuses to the apathetic.

But I don't want to end on a low note. There is something that I do when I get to this point. I look to the cross...I step back from the t.v. and the news and pray. I am reminded that Jesus is my model and that man is flawed. And as flawed as man is, God loved us to die for us. That makes us special despite of ourselves.

And remember that God is in control. We can vent and blog and fret, yet nothing will surprise God. He is in control. That is where our trust and our hope will never be misrepresented, so to speak. Regardless of polls and elections and faulty warranties, God is still in control and will always be trustworthy.

Take this for what it is worth to you individually. But know the truth.

Friday, October 3, 2008

Have A Good Weekend

Due to technical difficulties, family time, and life in general there will not be a new post today. Read some of the archived blogs and have a good weekend!

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Economic Soapbox

I realize that I have already mentioned the $700 billion bailout/rescue plan several times and I realize that most people are just as sick and tired of it all as I am; but I just can't let it go. So here are some more random thoughts and my $700 billion cents worth:

Why would anyone give Hank Paulson a $700 billion blank check? Was he not a part of the Goldman Sachs Group? And they haven't exactly been stellar in their management of other peoples monies. Personally, I kind of like Paulson. I tend to relate to gruff, frustrated men and can generally understand where they are coming from, but a blank check with access to the citizen's money is not a good idea. Not to mention that this creates a larger government.

And why do some people not want a larger government? Do many people have a personal philosophy on the role/size of government anymore? Or do many people hide behind words like "capitalism" or "free markets", just as many scoundrels hide behind the flag and cry patriotism. What do these words mean to you as you read this? Do we still have faith in Adam Smith's invisible hand or do we need the government to help guide that hand along?

And what will government do with the hand? They will appropriate fingers to the "mistreated" and assign fingers to committees and tax the fingers and redistribute the fingers under the guise of social programs. Then they will use one finger to point at partisan politics and use another finger to help get themselves elected or forward an agenda. Not long after that, the hard working citizens will finally get a finger; and we all know which one that will be. And I am personally tired of "getting the bird" from our government. We need to let the hand guide itself by listening to the "real"markets of Main Street as well as Wall Street. Let the economy correct its own path.

The market will correct itself. All of the economic bubbles from the Clinton administration and the oversights of the Bush administration will become less and less of a factor. "it will all come out in the wash", so to speak. It may not happen as fast as we like it to, but it will straighten out.

And people will suffer. At least suffer as we know it. Not considering those at the age of retirement, how many of us will truly suffer? We may have to make do with two phone lines instead of three or four and we may have to eat beans for supper once a week, but how many will go to bed hungry or cold or afraid? I'm not talking about mad or spoiled or even disenfranchised; many do that anyway.

Some will lose homes, but will not become homeless. Jobs may be lost, but all will not become unemployed. Sacrifices will have to be made...But it is time to pay the piper. We can no longer dance to the tune of rhetoric or theory.

Again, I would like to point out that things aren't that bad. Things can always be better, but things aren't as bad as some members of the media and government are trying to sell us. If things were "that bad" would they continue to play such petty, partisan politics? Is our government so self-serving that they would use the American people as leverage and place our individual futures in the middle of presidential race politics? I would like to think that if things were that grave that they could put aside differences and personal gain and do what is truly best for the American people.

I have to say that I am becoming more jaded.

With all of the grandstanding and populism nonsense, I'm not surprised that I've become more jaded. And that is what this economic crisis has turned out to be, grandstanding. Last week we were told that if a "deal" weren't in place immediately that mountains would crumble and the seas would dry up. Well, to me immediately means NOW, and that time has has passed; and we are all still here. Mountains, seas, and everything else. And now the $700 billion rescue that our nursemaid government says we can't live without has grown and evolved and contains concessions and tax code changes and pork and fluff. We will never know what the actual price is. Economically or morally.

This in itself reveals to me that we are better off with less government involvement. Most polls show that the average citizen does not approve of the bailout. As much as 95% in some polls, are against government involvement. I don't think 95% of American people have enough sense to come in out of the rain, but the polls show that citizens are against it. No poll shows any demographic group supporting the $700 billion rescue. So why is it still an issue? It seems to me that Washington feels they know better what is best for us than we do. That is why they push forward and manipulate and pretend that all is doomed if they aren't allowed to step in and save us; the poor, ignorant taxpayer...and maybe they really do believe that. Maybe they truly think that it is so complicated that only THEY can help out Americans.

Do you feel any better with Nancy Pelosi in your corner? Does it make you feel safer that Ted Stevens has your back? Barney Frank to the rescue?

And with that, I will end my diatribe. It turned out to be more of a rant that I expected. But at least I spared you my thoughts on string theory, even though it would have made more sense than this economic mess.