Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Thoughts on Death

Why is it, that when people die, they become martyrs and paragons of virtue and shining humanity? Why is that people extend such courtesies to those who are dead and gone, while neglecting forgiveness and optimism on the lives of those still living? Wouldn't we be doing better if we would try to find the good in people while they are still alive, instead of waiting for disease or accident to take a life before we find any morsel of decency in another's life? We rarely trust, respect, or honor anyone while they are among the living, but the second they die, we want to forgive them of all of their sins and vices as we project them to be pillars of society as they were among the living. Do we do this because of guilt? Do we fell that we should have "done better by them" while they were living. Do we feel guilty that we often overlooked or ignored their needs as we lumped them into a general category of humanity as we do most other people that we encounter daily? Or is it arrogance? Do we feel that we can resolve their sins now that they are gone from this life? Do we have the power to do more than to forgive? Can we cover their sins by erecting a statue or muttering some kind words at a funeral service? Or maybe it's all due to the strong emotions inspired by all things dealing with death.

Please understand that I am not trying to be insensitive to death, and certainly not insensitive to the pains felt; sincere, heartfelt pains of those who may have lost someone dear to them. Nor am I trying to over-generalize or overlook the individuality of people and the manner by which they express grief. But I have to admit that I find the difference that life and death makes on a person's image to be difficult to understand at times.

Death does change things. And when we lose someone close to us, we hurt. And there is nothing insincere about that. But when we change in our minds, as to how or who that person was as they lived, we alter a great many things. And I'm not so certain that this alteration is altogether healthy. But that is just my opinion, and probably a muddled opinion at that. But I feel that when we alter, not chose to focus on the positive, but alter our opinions of who a person was after they die, we alter our perceptions of life and death. And as we alter our outlooks by guilt or arrogance, or confusion, we alter our perceptions of life after death; and that is a crucial element to our "psyche" for lack of a better word at the moment. It just seems to me that we should look at things realistically before, during, and after life.

And I'm sure that I am being as clear as mud. This happens when I try not to step on toes and when I mince my words. And do not think that this is a good trait or that I am making excuses for myself; as I am not. I am, however, trying to be honest and realistic; as I perceive honest and realistic to be. Which brings me to a point that may help clarify things somewhat:

When I die, the greatest honor you could do for me, other than have a bar-b-que instead of a funeral, is that everyone would remember me as I truly was. Don't overlook my bad points. My being dead will not change the fact that I am opinionated or that I can be difficult to deal with. My dying will not change the fact that I struggle with my temperament or that I tended to usually say too much. Now don't get me wrong, I don't want everyone to drag my name through the mud, for I have some very good qualities as well. And I hope that those qualities stand out much more than my bad qualities, but please do not erect a statue of me in an effort to make me a martyr; figuratively speaking of course. If you really know me, you will know my faults and if you really love me you will deal with those faults and still love me, whether I am dead or alive. And for the sake of my friends and family, there is no need to dwell on my negatives, as they know what they are more so than the casual bystander in my life...

...and I feel that this may have just muddied the water more than it was. And this blog is not about my life and times, but about how we deal with life and death. So many funerals in town recently, the Michael Jackson death( and yes, he is still dead according to the news), and today's news of Teddy Kennedy dying are some of the issues that has brought the death and stuff to the surface and on occupies my thoughts. And I'm trying real hard not to write about Kennedy and how his death will be an emotional boost for the health care reform. Kennedy will be a martyr for all things liberal, and many things that have and will hurt this country. But all will be forgotten because he has died. Not that we should dwell on his dead secretary or any of his flaws. It won't help anything or anyone now. We should learn from his life, and those lives of those who have died who may be close to us. We should look at things more realistically and less politically, and that goes for our friends and families, not just for politicians.

Because realistically death is the beginning of eternity. And we need to focus on things eternal, not the temporary life that we have right now. And if we realistically look at the lives of those around us, we should better understand about things eternal. The decisions we make now affect the hereafter, and the way in which we live our lives now, affect others; not the manner by which we die or by which a statue is erected in our honor.

I will try to end this very random blog on a note saying that memorials and good memories are not only acceptable, but cherished as well as healthy. Especially during the grieving process. But if we really know someone and really admire their lives, we should remember them honestly; and learn from their lives as we apply it to our lives. We should think eternally by admiring and learning from the finite, and doing our best to let our heads and hearts work together for the sake of souls.

I'm certain that this not the best blog ever written and that it is certainly not the most cohesive piece ever written either. But I do hope that it contains a few tid-bits of something useful, and that is causes us to think. And somehow, I hope this can make a positive change in the lives of the living, as it is too late for the deceased.

Monday, August 24, 2009

Ads I Would Like To See

Often, I see advertisements and t.v. shows that I feel should come with some type of disclaimer; something honest and direct. And in this spirit, I submit some commercials, advertisements, disclaimers, and previews that I would really like to see:

Commercial Number One:
A sole lawyer gives his spiel about mesothelioma and how he would like to represent so many victims of this malady. He is standing in front of some diplomas hanging on the wall, and the standard bookcase that generally accompanies these ads. However his dialogue is much different than what we have come to expect; " Hi, I represent the Dewey, Cheatum, and Howe Law firm and I would like to represent you in a case against your former employer. Regardless of the fact that you may have made $50 an hour with incredible benefits, as well as knew the health risks before you took the job, we at the D.C.and H. firm feel that a good fleecing is always in order. I am trying to pretend that I sincerely care about you and your family, as well as have some concern as to helping stop unhealthy work environments; but in all reality, I really only want to make a few bucks. Most of the good lawyers, with ethics, probably wouldn't take this case, but I am below those standards and am tired of chasing ambulances 5 days a week. Not to mention that I feel that I am entitled to make as much money as I can; even at your expense.
And speaking of expense, I will give you a free consultation as you and many others sign up for a class action suit that will make many of you hundreds if not thousands of dollars, while making me millions. Isn't your life worth $1000? Think of all of the things that your children could do with the $250 you leave in their college fund.
We at Dewey, Cheatum, and Howe really want to represent you in order to make some money off of your misery, and we promise to pretend to care most of the entire proceedings. If you make us money, that is. And oh yeah, we are not allowed to practice in 36 of the 48 continental States, but call anyway as we make $1.25 per call...

Here's one for a drug company:
The commercial begins with soft music and children playing on a school yard. Then the camera pans to a young woman and young man walking hand in hand down along a beach, in front of a beautiful sunset. As the music plays softly, a voice begins to inform you of a new medicine that is alleged to cure many disorders: We at PillCom realize that the scenery and music used in this commercial have nothing to do with cancer or depression, but we are trying our best to manipulate you into an emotion. And as we manipulate your emotion we want you to think of things better than the things in your lousy life, not in hopes of comforting you, but in hopes that you realize how crummy your life really is and that you need yet another pill to help you function.
Never mind that the side affects are worse than your illness or that our pill may even kill you. This only matters if we are all truly concerned for each other. And here at PillCom, we are really only concerned with profit.
We also want to take this chance to inform you of disease and disorder, not for education, but so that you can run to your doctor and tell them how sick you are. Not to mention that you will be as smart as your doctor if you tell you know of a new medicine and that our commercial manipulated you into feeling as though you now need this medicine to help deal with reality.
We usually throw in the "this may not be right for you" bit about now, but, again, who really cares? You get your pill and we get some $200 a bottle.
Then the camera focuses in on a dove flying serenely into the sunset.

How about a disclaimer for a reality show:
Tune in to channel 7 at 7 on Thursday nights for "The Rack of Love", "Rack" hinting at the implants of the female contestants and "Love" manipulating you into thinking that you could find such on a t.v. show. We would like to issue a disclaimer that we are, in reality, producing a cheap program with minimal cost, while exploiting those who are indeed heartbroken or just too simple to know that they are being manipulated. You really should be embarrassed and ashamed to watch this program, but if you do watch, be certain to take your penicillin beforehand...and remember that boobs and birdbrains really sell to the majority of the people who feel the need to pretend that their lives are more superior to others. And as long as there is insecurity, there will be a balding, wig-wearing, over 50 has-been, pseudo rock star who needs you for his ego...

How about a disclaimer on a bottle of diet pills saying that you burned more calories reading this bottle than you will taking this entire bottle and that the only real way to lose weight is diet and exercise. That is why this herbal/grass placebo only works if you take it while dieting and exercising.

A disclaimer on a political ad:
I'm a Republican and I know the problems, but have few answers. But I will continue to point fingers as long as you vote me in office. I will even pretend to be outraged. I'm part of the old elite, and really couldn't find a real job anywhere else anyway, so continue to vote for me as I show you the problems...


I'm a Democrat and it's my turn to shine. I like to talk about bi-partisan things but I just don't really like Republicans; and the common man is too dumb to know how to help himself, so I must do it for him. I only have two years left in my political career, so I must act fast and have little time for concern for anyone other than myself, so watch as I cram legislation down your throat...

How about an ad for cold medicine:
A man in a cheap doctors costume, complete with stethoscope, is seen shilling a night-time liquid medicine. " Hello, I'm a doctor. See my stethoscope? And I'm here to sell, I mean tell, you about ColdAway liquid. If you take this elixir for 4 or 5 days, I guarantee that your cold will be gone. Never mind the fact that it would have been gone in 4 or 5 days regardless of medication. ColdAway is 190 proof, so you will be so bombed that you can deal with your cold for a little less than a week. So for those weak in constitution but great in symptoms, take ColdAway.

And I guess you all get the point that I am trying to make here.And i must admit that I have always found commercials to be very interesting as well as very powerful. I do wish that I could see some commercials like the ones that I just created; and wonder if it would help sales...

Have a great Monday as I hope your week gets started on a high note!

Friday, August 21, 2009

Look Around You

So much has happened to so many people in our community this week; as I suspect has been the case for many communities these days. So many people with so many needs, and such heavy hearts. With this in mind, I ask that you take the few minutes that you usually spend reading my two-cent opinions, and spend the time in prayer for those around you. And remember that God is in control and that we are just passing through on this plane; our citizenship is in heaven if we know Jesus. If you don't know Jesus, I will gladly help introduce you to Him! Just ask...

Look around at those in need, and ask God how you can meet these needs. Let's all pull together in these trying times and bring something positive from our experiences.

God Bless!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Just As Empty As Nirvana

Maybe I am just a bit rusty, but I cannot find a good way to begin today's blog, so I will give it the "cold swimming pool" treatment and just jump right in:

Has anyone heard much about a case in Florida where a teacher and someone from a church are facing criminal charges for a lunch time prayer? And no, this is not one of those, " two Jews, a Baptist, and a priest walk into a bar" kind of thing. There is a real case that will go to trial sometime in September. I have to admit that I have not read much about the case, and have seen very little coverage on the news. So I am not an expert on what has happened and why it is a criminal offense. I have also read that the ACLU is involved, so nothing would surprise me , and frankly I cannot stomach it right now. There are too many people with real struggles around all of us these days. My heart breaks when I hear that prayer, Christian prayer, is on trial; but know that this is pretty typical of the ACLU and going back to school. The pushing of a wacko agenda, and the timidness of those who call themselves Christians, always flare up and clash about now. And there will be another flare up and clash around Christmas. It is much more political than it is personal.

But it does have me thinking about the whole prayer in school thing. And I must admit, that it is an issue that has caused me to struggle, at least struggle for the best solution without compromising my duties as a Christian. Maybe it causes alot of people to struggle, and what I see as timidness or fear is really confusion. Either way, it is a subject that is difficult to express, so like I usually do, I have decided to be aggressive instead of passive, and tackle the subject in my blog.

While I have little desire to have this become and in-depth article on prayer and school, church and state, I do think that we need to touch base on a few areas that relate to prayer in our schools. There are some things that may cause us to think about and better relate our feelings, so that maybe we will be inspired to help bring about a change or betterment.

The first thing we must address is the separation of church and state. And the first thing we must get straight is that separation does not mean absence of. While it is in no one's best interest to have a National religion or a State run church, it is in eberyone's best interest to allow individual religion to exist hand in hand with things of the State. Separation does not imply lack of existence. And how some judges that supposedly have so many degrees cannot understand this is way beyond me. If something is separate, there is an implication and understood knowledge that there must be at least two entities, in this case church and state, and that they shall remain as two entities. That is separation. To rid the nation of religion in schools is a philosophical genocide, something that the ACLU is trying to attempt. Their desire is to rid our society of all things Christian. They hide behind phrases like "separation of church and state" or "freedom of choice" when they really intend to push an agenda that would only benefit those who wish to rid the nation of Christians and all things Christ-like. There are no defense of freedoms here, just the diminishing rights of those who believe what they do not. This is the means and manners of most liberal organizations such as the ACLU. And it is time they are called out on it. And consider this, When is the last time that a Buddhist or a Muslim were on trial for their religious belief? Or how groups such as the ACLU want to remove the ten commandments from public buildings and quiet Christian prayer, but then complain about the lack of religious freedom for prisoners in Guantanamo Bay? Complain about the treatment of prisoners so much that they are now given a copy of the Koran and that the direction to Mecca is mapped out all over the prison floors. You try to give a Bible away and see what happens. You can't put crosses on the prison floors. So it's better to side with a criminal who is Muslim and has planned the death of thousands of people, than an innocent American who wishes to pray or read a Bible. Seems like strange bed fellows to me; and that maybe they should drop the A from the ACLU...

...and I have gotten off subject somewhat. But I do want us to consider the logic and the inconsistency in the argument of separation of church and state. Our constitution gives us freedom to worship and that freedom is not limited to where and when. Regardless of the amendments and laws and opinions, it was written to guarantee freedom; judges and eggheads have placed the limits on our religious freedom, not our forefathers.

So with that being said, why isn't there a time that would be allowed for prayer in our school? Why allot the first five or ten minutes of a school day for individual prayer? Why not take a prayer break in the afternoon? And why would the ACLU or atheists object? If they don't believe in God, then what is the harm? And if there is no God then their ears should not bleed from hearing the word God, or witnessing some people praying or meditating. Why act like there is a threat, when there is clearly none if they believe that we all came from nothing and return to nothing. Maybe the conviction is more than they can bear. I do not know. But I do not understand why anyone or any group can be threatened by something they do not believe exists. Not even logical. So maybe they should just let people of religion practice their faith while they walk smugly away thinking that we are all fools. If I weren't afraid of something, I would care less if I were exposed to it. And I think that if they are so thin-skinned, soft, and weak of heart,that they are offended by such practice of faith and religion, then they have more problems than someone giving a "rub a dub dub, thanks for the grub" over a ham sandwich.

And now for the tricky part of allowing religion in school but not being a state religion. Maybe I didn't say that correctly, but my point is that there is a side to this that can be a slippery slope if it were allowed, or let run amok. I want to first say that I do wish prayer were allowed in school but I do not think it would be best to be mandatory or part of a curriculum, so to speak. And this is the part that I struggle with as a Christian. But we cannot force Christianity on the schools or our society. We must allow Muslim prayers and Buddhists chants in our schools if we want to have a separate and free religious society. We cannot want freedoms for Christianity, then impose restrictions on other belief systems. If we desire to do so, then maybe we should join the ACLU. And this is difficult to say, as a Christian. I wish we were all Christians, not just people who went to church, and that we didn't even need to discuss this subject. But we are not.

I think of God having the Jews kill all of the pagans in Canaan and I realize that God does not play. I understand why he ordered their death and I understand that God is the only Truth. I believe the Bible to be infallible and inspired and that anything other than a relationship with Jesus Christ is just a belief system with no merit and no substance. I can and will gladly debate these issues with anyone at anytime. I am not a close-minded person, and do not intend to sound arrogant, but I want you to be certain of where I stand personally.

Because it is at this point that I have struggled in the past, in allowing all faiths to be practiced in school. Because God does not accept all faiths, and as a Christian I should not either. But the law has been fulfilled and we are now under grace; and God no longer orders us to kill pagans. Jesus changes all of that. Just as the crusades were not of God, I feel that intolerance in the instance of beliefs are not of God. But how can I say that if I just stated that I believe God is intolerant of other religions? Because I see a difference between tolerance and acceptance; not to mention it is apples to oranges in the discussion of what God tolerates and what we tolerate. The word means close to the same thing, but our natures change this...

...and now to get back on track. We must allow all religions to practice their faith in our society and in our school rooms. And remember that we are talking about a separation that is tied together by a spiritual means. But none the less, freedom is freedom; and a free society is the best society for worshipping God, praying to God, and performing ministries in God's name. Social freedom can nurture spiritual freedom, God is the only Truth, and I think like all roads leading to Rome, if a person is truly searching for the Truth, it will lead to God.

May faith hasn't always been strong enough to say all of this. My arrogance lead me to believe that I must defend God. But my growing relationship has showed me that God can handle His own and that the Truth really will set you free.

And I also believe that the "Christians" who have been intolerant and shallow in their faith, have hurt the progression of prayer in school. By being stiff-necked, arrogant, pious, and hiding behind God's word instead of living it, they have caused many a set back. As Christians we should know why we believe and what we believe, and not just because the preacher or the priest has told us so. Just because Grandma or mom were afraid of Muslim or Buddhist philosophy rubbing off on good Christian kids, we should not share the same fear. as the illogical reaction of the atheist in this manner, how illogical is is for us as Christians, to be afraid of something that is only words and a mere belief system. If we do not believe in Allah, than why be so threatened by him? If the Holy Spirit is real, and convicts, and counsels; then why are concerned about a god who isn't? Can Allah or Brahma convict, guide, counsel, or save our soul? And think of the story of Elijah and the 300 prophets of Baal. He welcomed the challenge of proving God is real and all others are false. Elijah encouraged the prophets to pray more and pray louder. Maybe Baal is using the bathroom, so to speak and that we should be more like Elijah and have more faith in God and less in gods.

And the separation of church and state, it also comes down to the matter of legislating morality and ethics; and neither can be done. Nor should it be done. Our faith cannot come from a school system, but from our homes. If we are concerned about little Johnny becoming a Muslim, then we should teach him why it is not the truth. And not just because someone says it's the truth. We have to know why it is the truth to be able to teach it, and we must live in accordance to the truth if others are to see it in us. The responsibility is that of our own, not societies. All we need from society is the framework that will allow us the freedom to teach and live. we must do the work that is needed inside that framework.

And I have gone on much longer than I had planned. I didn't even get to the teaching of religion in school; but will save that for another day. I do hope that my words give us all something to think about and inspire us to read our Bibles, pray, as well as write letters to our congress people. We must act on our convictions, or they are just as empty as Nirvana.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Tea Parties, Patriotism, and Rebellion

There has much commotion about the Tea Parties and the Town Hall meetings that have been taking place lately. And for good reason, there has been much to discuss and much more than just discussion at these public forums. Today I will share my thoughts and ideas on the public forums, many of which may or may not seem random:

For starters, nothing boils my blood worse than calling these forums "unpatriotic" or "anti-American". Especially by people who supposedly support free speech. And by the people that are elected as our public officials. The people that say that these forums and the rebellious attitude are UN-American know very little about American history. We are a nation of rebels. We are a people that have the freedom to complain and fuss and be angry. We are founded on it, entitled to it by our Constitution, and built a culture around this concept of free speech. Granted, I do wish some people would not speak as often as they do(see Nancy Pelosi)but it is not my place to decide who can and can't speak at what time or place. If i were King of this country, I certainly would use my power to close the mouths of many people; but as we have no King, we must rely upon our constitution, our elected officials, and responsible citizens. But that may be a topic for a longer essay and another day. Back to the point of the UN-American activity and the anti patriotism, I have two quotes that come to mind. One is from Thomas Jefferson "who holds that a little rebellion, now and then, is a good thing" and the other chestnut is from Samuel Johnson, and it says that," Patriotism is the last refuge of a scoundrel". There is much food for thought in those two quotes, and very applicable to our society today.

Another thing that gripes me is when "Tea Parties" are just an excuse to yell and complain. It is not that the verbal pugilism bothers me, but that the original Tea Party was held as a rebellion against being taxed without being represented. And in my mind, that is what the tea Parties today should be doing. We are being taxed unfairly and we the people are not being represented. And I believe that this opinion and closely knit sentiment is growing, and will be reflected in the next elections for congress people and such. And this sentiment also is what is feeding such strong emotion and harsh language. I only wish that more people were aware of that, on both sides of the issue. So my "behind" would be much less chapped if we could keep the general fussing and debates to the forums of town halls and such, and that the tea parties would be a demonstration of rebellion to the manner in which our government is being ran these days. This may clear up some confusion and provide a little organization. Not to mention that our displays of rebellion would become more effective and not as diluted by mixing in the town hall issues.

One thing that has been a good thing, in my opinion, is that it is good to see so many people riled up and taking action. This is the best thing that has happened, politically, in a very long time. Maybe we are turning the corner on apathy.
But we unfortunately are not turning the corner on intelligence. I hate "mobs" and feel that many a coward hides inside of a mob. But let's be certain not to confuse a mob with a group of protesters; protesters have a common goal and purpose. And there is strength in numbers. A mob is just a bunch of mad idgits, looking to turn over a car after their team loses at any given sporting event. A mob is mindless and uninformed. Sadly there are some people confusing mobs and protesters, within and outside of the movements. The politicians and media have blurred these terms when it supports their motives, stories, and ratings. It should be on all of us, "we the people" to redefine these terms and peoples. And kick the mobsters out of the protesters. If you are at a public forum and someone acts like a member of a mob instead of a protest or, tell them to hush their mouths and leave. "Go form a mob or something" would work. There is strength in numbers, but idiots and uninformed people who are mad at the world only dilute this strentgh.

I have lost all respect for Anderson Cooper and Sean Hannity for their coverage and opinions of these public forums. I never much liked Hannity and he only confirmed that he drinks too much Kool Aid, but I am really, really disappointed at Mr. Cooper for his adolescent tea-bagging jokes. Very unprofessional. I have gained more respect for Claire McCaskill though. I have never been a fan of her politics, but she is taking a tough, bring 'em on attitude that is very refreshing to see. She is not afraid of the challenge, and this seems to embrace it. That is my kind of person. We can grow through all of this is we all face our responsibilities and if we will not shy away from our duties.

I do not like the new Chicago style strong-arm tactics used by the Obama administration. It shows too much of an arrogant "we vs. them" mentality. It exposes paranoia and elitism. The "If you hit us then we will hit you back" thought process only further divides the American people and will only fuel rebellion; possibly even violently.

And speaking of division, I have never seen such polarization in this country. And I am very disappointed by this. My hope was that President Obama would be instrumental in bringing people together and uniting the country, ala Reagan. This ws the only real thing that I felt he was capable of. But he has been atrocious in this regard. There has been no other worse President as far as setting a "civil" tone in our country. And before you think that this is a shot or a not very well thought out issue on my part, know that I think that the single most important aspect of leadership and especially the presidency, is to set a ethical, moral tone for the nation. This will provide unity. George Bush did this very much during his first term(and none of this in his second term) Reagan did this for eight years. Kennedy did a great job of this. Eisenhower was a leader in this regard. Clinton, not so much, as he lead to much sexual immorality. And before you get mad at that statement, think about the "state of the union" in the sexual context before and after Clinton; or better yet, find some polls or statistics. Or just turn on the cable and find three shows made in the last 10 years that doesn't feature sex. And this sexual "outburst" is due, in large part, to Mr. Clinton. Granted, the people have a choice not to watch or fall prey to the sexual revolution; but a leader none the less is much more responsible and held accountable. That is a tough part about being a leader. That is why you must heavily weigh your decisions and words in any leadership position...and I have gone astray, haven't I? Back to the point: President Obama has lead to a much greater degree of polarization and anger among Americans with his elitist, arrogant, and egotistical attitude and policies. he was big on words of change and hope, but has been small on action that support these big, fancy words used in an election year. Only George H Bush's "read my lips" statement has been as grossly negligent; albeit with smaller consequence. I do feel that Obabams lack of keeping promises and his lies, yes lies, about transparency has grossly fueled the fire of angry sentiments. Not too mention that he is force fed upon us 24/7. But that is a longer issue for another day also...

...but to blame all of this on Obama is not accurate. The last 2 or 3 years of Bush began the anger. His hiding his head in the sand did little to help Americans to feel that anyone was really guiding our country. And when there is lack of leadership, or a leader, people tend to wander around and decide on their own agendas. Then when the agendas clash and there are no answers, just more questions, anger and disillusion occur. And this has been the case of America. And let us not forget that Bush started the bailout crap that the majority of the Americans were against. His allowing Hank Paulson to run amok and panic, showed a lack of leadership and spine. No two ways about it. It began to show that we really aren't being represented and that there is something wrong with our government.

Have I gotten too far from the issue of public forums? I guess this happens when you get behind in your blogging. Sorry...

...Another thing that frustrates me with this stuff is the political spin. People on the left saying that all of this is staged, implying that the people on the right have set up all of these venues in a grass roots movement aimed at undercutting the left. Of course, we have also blurred the words "grass roots", but you get the point I am making. To those who support this school of thought, do you really think that a group of tired old men such that are in the GOP could come up with this plan? Do you really believe that a party as disorganized as the Republican party is today, could organize this many people in the nation? Think about it....I think that the majority of the protesters are conservative, or at least what I used to define as conservative, and that many business owners and individuals do not like the direction of the country. I think that Bush and Obama have created this rebellion, and for this I thank them. But I do hope it serves a purpose and rights our countries path.

Because another thing that I cannot tolerate is the mindless name calling and fighting. Don't get me wrong, I like a good disagreement to keep things honest. But to call people names is just childish and pointless. Unless the shoe fits. But calling Obama Hitler? Come on. Really? Or calling a protester unpatriotic? Honestly...How does this help us show that we are tired of the status quo? And isn't that what the forums are about? That and to ask difficult questions of our elected politicians. Do we want answers and guidance or name calling ad pie throwing? You get out of it what you put into it...

And these are some of my thoughts on the Tea Parties and Town Halls. I am sure that this is not very organized and strays from what I intended on saying on the issue, but it didn't cost you anything. And if you don't like it, grab a couple of like minded citizens and protest. EMail me ( me an angry note on Facebook. But let your feelings lead to an action; an action that will better this blog and those around you. This should be the American way!

Monday, August 3, 2009

Monday, Monday...Can't Trust That Day

Who knew Neil Diamond would be so prophetic?

Anyway, it is Monday. And I have some questions and thoughts to ask and share:

Who didn't think our taxes would go up? Now that the new administration is hinting at such, why act surprised? And with our deficit being what it is, what did we expect? Is this a price we pay for corruption or apathy? We can point fingers, but I can't help feeling that "We the people" have allowed much of this with our ballots and our heads in our cable television...

...and when it is a crime to be wealthy and successful? So why penalize this group with higher taxes? Do most of us strive for mediocrity? Are we angry that we can't achieve success so we criticize those who have? It is no sin to be wealthy nor is it a sin to be poor. These are only indicators of purpose and status when the standard by which we measure others is monetary...

What would a single man do if he were searching for companionship through web-dating services? Or what would he do if he only wanted a "regular girl", someone decent and someone to talk to? All of the "see who's been searching you" or "find your partner now" ads feature large breasted sorority girls wearing skimpy pjs telling you that they have been trying to find you. What if you're too old for sorority girls? Or what if three girls having a pillow fight just confuses you when you only need one girl to spend a little quality time. Call me old fashioned, but the bars may be a better scene...

...and how about the pharmaceutical ads? I have quit making doctor visits and just watch drug company ads. They give you the problems, symptoms, and cure if you just consult a physician. So I basically watch three ads and compare them to see if I need enlargement, shrinkage, or a prostotectomy then call my doctor and order my meds. And if the side affects don't kill me and Im able to still remmebrer my name, I am able to pee freely as well as control my cholesterol with one single pill...

...who are all of these people on the reality t.v. shows? Are they celebs before or after the reality show? Kind of a "chicken or the egg" thing...

Is this nice weather teasing us or could Fall be around the corner?

Do people really stay up all night, then complain all over Facebook about being tired all day? And is this as difficult to explain as splitting the atom? And I don't mean the people who mention this every now and again, but the repeat offenders that want us to know how many Red Bulls they drink three or four days out of the week?

Maybe I'm getting crotchety... I really long for the days when the neighborhood kids call me "old man Mason" and walk in my grass just so i can yell at them from my front porch?

Why do many progressives hide behind the separation of church and state as to remove God or Christian ethics from all being, yet have no problem legislating morality through taxes, healthcare, or "reforms"

What is the difference between uni-sex restrooms or family restrooms? And why not bi-sexual bathrooms? Aren't there only two genders? Or is there more to this "uni-sex" thing that I am missing? Have we gotten THIS politically correct to where we are confused as to how to label our restrooms?

How can I have complete faith in God's workings around me and see miracles in seeds, birth, water, etc and so on, yet struggle so much when it comes to prayers?

How many licks does it take to get to the center of a tootsie pop?

If wishes were fishes, would we all really have shad?

If a baseball player thanks God for helping him hit a curve ball, does his logic show that God cares more about him than the pitcer? Or did the pitcher just not pray as much?

Will any of this better mankind? probably not, but it may give us something to think about. Let me know if you have any answers! And have a great Monday!