Monday, July 27, 2009

Monday's Announcements

Hello and a glorious Monday to you all! And that was my weekly attempt at being a cock-eyed optimist, cheerleader type...

I want to first thank everyone for the kind words and comments concerning the blog about "What I know", that I wrote last week. I am reminded of how many of you have shaped my thoughts and feelings and that there is good reason why I miss so many of you guys so often. And it turns out that it was the most read blog that I have written, with about 60 reads. I have to admit that I was surprised at the response; pleasingly surprised. With that being said, I hope to incorporate a little more of myself into this blog; and not just what my thoughts are, but my feelings as well. But don't expect it all at once, it will be a process for me. I feel that too often we focus on our feelings, feelings that can mislead us; and also feel that I shy away from sharing mine due to this philosophy. I'm a very open person, and very emotional also. I just try to keep it all in check, and balanced. So bear with me as I fine tune my approach.

I also would like to announce that I will be doing a blog on all things football. I have not decided if I will do it on this site ot create a new site dedicated to football. I do plan on starting it this week, as many NFL camps open this week as well. If you have any feedback or thoughts, let me know!

Also, in the form of an announcement, I will begin to blog about my "fixes" for health care, crime, immigration, and other issues that we face. That will be on the "Self-Inflicted" site beginning this week as well. And my plan is for this not to turn into an Obama-bash, which I am guilty of all too often. I want to give my two-cents on the issues and how I see them, and how I think we can fix the ailments we face in our country. Just some things for us to think about...

Thanks again for reading and supporting. In the last year since I began this, there have been near 2000 reads, as close as I can calculate. I do hope that the site grows and has a purpose, and with your help and support, we can get 4000 reads this year! And if any of you want to be on the mailing list of reminders, email me at And don't forget that there is a "Readers of the Self-Inflicted Blog" group on Facebook. Not muvh action on it, but you never know how it will develop!

May God truly bless your Monday!

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

What I Know

I want to start today's entry by saying, "Thank You" to all of you who have read and supported this blog over the last year. I know it can get tedious and probably dull to some, but many of you have had kind words and patience and I am thankful.

I have not been doing much of the blog over the last couple weeks. I am not burned out, I have just got out of my routine a little, as we all tend to do during the summer. Hopefully we will all pick up steam as we approach Fall.

Today's blog:
One of the most common pieces of advice in the world of writing, is to write what you know. I have ignored most advice, a my writing probably shows such, but today I will follow the adage of "what I know."

I know about politics and religion and I know that many of us are growing tired of each. There are fewer leaders, or at least fewer with any leadership, in our government or our churches. Thankfully we are apathetic enough that it doesn't matter.

I know that I love my wife in a way that I never knew was possible; and in a manner that I can't explain. This feeling must be what real love is; not the syrup and poetry junk that changes, dims, or burns out.

I know that I love my children so much that it hurts.

I know alot about football and hockey, but most of my readers aren't interested in such. And that's o.k. by me.

I know that there is no loyalty in sports, even in the rec leagues.

I know that people say that they like straight talk, but few actually do when the push comes down to the shove. I have found that straight talk is appreciated when it is aimed at others. What's good for the goose is hated by the ganders.

I know that to have a friend, you must be a friend. And sometimes friendship is giving and not taking. So few people know how to be friends, unless it's a misery-loving-company type thing.

I know that too often, hate and anger are the ties that bond.

I know what it is like to be misunderstood.

I know that it saddens me to see a tree die or damaged.

I know that dead dogs on the side of the road make me feel like crying.

I know that absence does not make the heart grow fonder, but causes the heart to forget.

I know what it is like to not be a welcome sight at church, work, or the grocery store.

I know people never say what they mean anymore. And that honesty is unappreciated.

I know that I trust God, but sure can't understand things He does, or allows, some times.

I know I do not handle the aging of my grandparents as I thought I would. And i know that I will regret it one day.

I know how good cold beer tastes on a hot day. And to share a cold beer with friends is priceless.

I know that I want justice when it come to everyone else, except myself. And I know that I am thankful for grace in my life, but wish there were less for some others. I need to work on this.

I know when we hurt, God hurts. Even if we don't feel like He is anywhere to be found.

I know that I struggle more than people think that I do.

I know how to blow smoke.

I know that 40 feels like 14 some days and 400 other days. And that it ain't nothing but a number.

I know that I didn't think I would be so immature or unsettled at 40.

I know that I miss some of my childhood friends. And that I miss all of the guys in my inner circle of friends.

I know that I miss sitting on the porch, smoking cigars and talking about Hemingway stories.

I know that I miss driving around with my friends on country roads, listening to the same 5 songs over and over. The beer was always better and the conversation was never dull.

I know that I miss driving all day and comparing corn fields; and the companionship that came with it. And floating the river. And I almost miss the sunburn.

I know that I miss playing SEGA all night and wondering if we were the best.

I know that this blog shows a different side of me and that some people will be surprised that I have feelings.

I know that I will probably never like poetry or flowery talk.

I know a good joke when I hear one.

I know that I get very frustrated with people and can be very jaded; but it is because I am an optimist.

I know that I am thankful God is in control even when I'm not so sure.

Friday, July 10, 2009

Another Favorite List

I am feeling philosophical today, but it is Friday and Im sure it has been a long enough week for everyone; and my going on about the price of eggs in China not being worth the wear and tear on the hens, will probably do little to alleviate any tedium. And we haven't done any "Favorite Lists" for some time, so let's do one today.

As always, my favorutes change from time to time, depending on mood and issues that preoccupy my mind. So this is more of a Fovorite "Today" List kind of thing.

Favorite Albums:
1-New Miserable Experience, by The Gin Blossoms
2-Fortress, by Sister Hazel
3-This Might Sting a Little, by Disciple
4-Peace Sells, by Megadeth
5-Gretchen Goes to Nebraska, by King's X

Favorite Books:
1-The Holy Bible, by God
2-Nine Stories, by J.D. Salinger
3-Atlas Shrugged, by Ayn Rand
4-The Letters of Vincent Van Gogh
5-The First American, by H.W. Brands

Favorite Cravings:
1-Bacon Cheeseburgers
3-Potato skins,from BG's
4-Ice Cold Bud Light, at the ballpark
5-Pizza;thin crust extra cheese, olives, black olives, extra cheese, bacon, hamburger, mushrooms, canadien bacon, and extra cheese

Favorite Athletes:
1-Kurt Warner
2-Brian Sutter
3-Brett Hull
4-Lou Brock
5-Noah Mason

Favorite Board Games:
2-Trivial Pursuit
3-Axis and Allies

And that is it for today. maybe it will give you some ideas of things to do, or at least distract you enough to help get thriough the day. God Bless and have a great weekend!

Monday, July 6, 2009

Just Passing Through

Another Monday, and more random thoughts:

It is hard believe there have so many "celebrity" deaths lately, with former NFL quarterback, Steve McNair being the latest. And surrounding the celebrity death, as well as the death of most any young person, there is controversy and the suspect of a tarnished character. I do not want anyone to die, but since they are dying, as we all will, I will go ahead and say that it would be nice if someone would die a hero, or at least without the stain of corruption, infidelity, crime, or general lack of character. But I guess that wouldn't be very newsworthy or exciting. And like, I said, I do not wish death on anyone. I do wish we all had more character and could be remembered as such. Like my Grandpa was and my other Grandpa will be remembered, two very great and honorable men...

And on the topic of death, Sarah Palin has either committed political suicide or is reinventing the way we will do politics; and this view depends on your bias on the subject. Personally, I am like Joe Biden in the sense that I am taking her at her word. Of course Joe probably didn't stop at that, but I will. I do find it interesting that so many people have so many ideas as to what her future holds. I even saw an article on The Daily Beast website, that had 11 theories as to what Palin's future holds and what her strategies are. Eleven? This must include brain surgeon and rocket scientist, as well as a welder on a high-rise building. Maybe the article was written tongue in cheek. I didn't read it, so I am not certain. But I am certain that I have heard at least eleven hundred thoughts, scandals, and rumors as to why she is resigning as Governor of Alaska. It seems odd that so many consider her dummy and a nit-wit, but are so consumes with her actions and words. So many people hang on her every word, then turn around and write about how little influence she has on anyone in any circle. She is a harmless twit, but people are so afraid of her. Seems odd to me, but what do I know? Other than I never thought she was a front runner for the Republican Presidential candidate, which all of the Democratic analyzers and strategist viewed her as....

Does anyone else wonder why our Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton, has been so quiet and invisible while there is so much unrest and activity on the international issues? Does anyone remember that Hillary is the Secretary of State? Pakistan, Afghanistan, Israel, Honduras, Iraq, Iran, North Korea,China, and now Russia are all having serious international issues and conflicts that affect us and our policies, yet we hear nothing from the secretary of state? I have seen more interviews and heard more questions answered by Henry Kissinger than Hillary Clinton. And that is no exaggeration! I have some thoughts on as to why we aren't hearing from Hillary, but they are pretty jaded and negative. And possibly wrong, so there's no need to get into that now. But I would like to know that someone is minding the store, so to speak; other than waiting three weeks for a teleprompted answer from our president...

On a side note, I wish Fox News would drop the, "Fair and balanced" bit. I watch Fox news and I appreciate their take on the issues as well as the issues that they cover. But Neil Cavuto, Shepard Smith, and Greta Van Susterin are the only balanced reporters on the channel. I do think that Fox news is balanced if you also watch Anderson Cooper and Lou Dobbs. To me, I need to understand where all parties are coming from and there is no one channel that does that. But opinions sell and are easier to understand than issues. It's just business, I guess. But give me the city papers any day, at least for what is important in our communities.

How about Citibank raising the rates of some cardholders, as well as some other questionable practices, just before the new rules and regulations for credit card business kicks in? Perfect timing? Lucky stab? Remember that we the people, or the government, own much of Citibank now. Thank you bailout money! Now we can get taken advantage of from one more angle. Now the "evil companies that make profit" have indside information. Now that the government can give advantages to it's companies that it owns, the playing field is tilted; which will result in more trouble for free market and the consumers. Now the government can make policy for the business that it owns and manipulate the industry to it's advantage. All in the name of serving the people and their interests. Man! I wish I never read "Atlas Shrugged"...and watch the GM situation for more of the same. It will happen. And keep an eye on the gas tax, not just for the religion of green, but to force the consumer to buy the more fuel efficient cars that it will make at Obama Motors, I mean General Motors. Not to mention the standards that the government will put on vehicles that will manipulate the industry to where we are "forced" to buy a OM, I mean GM vehicle.

And on that note of cheer, I will bid you adieu for the day. And if all of this frustrates you as much as it does me, do something about it. Write a blog. Discuss the issues with your friends and Representatives. Write your senator. Be active in your frustration or it's just griping. But most importantly, remember that God is in control and that as Christians, we are just passing through...

Friday, July 3, 2009

Independence Day

I hope that everyone has a great Independence Day!

It is hard for me to think much of the day as a holiday this year. I am frustrated at the direction of our country and frustrated with the attitude of many people. I still believe that this is the greatest place to live and that the people of America are what has made us great. But it's hard to remember sometime, at least for me. But that is usually my narrow vision and self-centeredness hiding behind a desire to make this country better. Not always, mind you, I am a very sincere, straight forward person. But I am human as well, very human...

So instead of thinking of the political and social scene and how it relates to our Independence Day, I have focused my thought on the past Fouth's of July; I think of getting up before the sun to go dig potatoes at my grandparents farm. I remember bar-b-ques with all of the family; metal wash tubs full of ice and soda, the smell of the grill and the gunpowder. I think of the fireworks display that was held at the Sikeston Mall, the greatest mall for memories. I remember playing with cousins and family reunions. Pool parties and buckets of margaritas with Jeff and Bob. So many great memories...

It is a little sad thuinking of how we have all went our separate ways, the farm is gone, and some have died. A few are in nursing homes and some are restrained to their homes. No display at the mall and few places of my youth remain intact.

But I chose to think of the good memories and hope that my kids have such great memories; they will be different, but can still be great memories...

Have a great Fourth, however you choose to celebrate it! And remember that our freedom and our independence came at a price. However we celebrate, we should never forget what and who has made us great!

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Take a Minute...

There's not much going on in my mind today; nothing worth writing anyway. So I ask that you take the few minutes that you would spend reading this, and say a prayer for those around you. Ask God how you can make, where you are, a better spot on the globe.

Have a good Humpday!