Monday, September 29, 2008

Mondays Bombast

There is no specific subject worthy of a soapbox diatribe today, so I will just throw out some random stuff. We won't reinvent the wheel today...

Is anyone else still skeptical about the $700 billion bailout? I still stand by my previous statements and feel that we should let capitalism take it's course. Until the economic "false bubble" completely bursts, we are only prolonging the inevitable. And I'm not trying to be "ugly" or "stubborn" or "negative" or whatever else you want to label me; I feel that if we would return to sound economic principles and maybe even live a littler more simply that our economy would be better off in the future. And I would rather make the sacrifices now and have my children prosper later. Besides, things aren't that bad now It is a matter of perspective. Not to mention that I read that the democrats have some concessions added. That can't be good. Not considering today's democratic party. And have we forgotten that Carter's role in this? Or Clinton's? How about the democratic controlled congress that ignored Bush? And one more word that may make you feel nauseous, Pelosi...

Will the Rams win a game this year? We can only hope...Scott Linehan's firing came about a year too late. Now let's hope Chip finishes the job and cleans house in the upper management.

I sure hope little black holes from the Hadron Supercollider don't eat up Europe. I would hate to live in a world without France.

How many gay men can get jobs on cable television? Obviously the number is 11,376 because that it what it seems like I see as I flip channels. I'm not a homophobe nor do I harbor any ill feelings toward these people. Jesus died for all of us and if they can tolerate my shortcomings, then I should tolerate theirs. I don't intend to judge. But I do get tired of the same, worn out routine of effeminate men all looking like Barney Frank playing hop-scotch while wearing a tutu. There needs to be a movement in the gay men club of America. I am glad that all gay men aren't stereotypically balding and overweight, and dress in t-shirts and shorts year round. I would have to answer a lot of questions...

Why do my kids seem like uncontrollable savages while other's children seem so manageable?

How about piracy in Africa? What a mess! And did anyone else get a mental picture of Capt. Jack Sparrow in their minds when they hear about pirates? I don't know what he will do with tanks, but I bet Disney will work it into the next six movies.

And how about all of the upsets in college football this weekend?

Anyone ready for hockey season? Besides me and the other seven people who still watch the NHL? And as usual, Fire Bettman! Or at least vote him into congress; I hear Minnesota is an easy "in" to the political arena.

Has anyone found any good music to listen to? I have recently discovered Dave Potts, but he's not new. He's not as heavy as Megadeth but is a great songwriter, in my opinion. And I guess I am getting old, because most new music is lousy to me. No heart and even less talent. The music business is truly business. I think it's true that video killed the radio star. Anyone can get a record deal. And look at how many "stars" come from American Idol or America's got Talent( a misnomer). I don't remember alot of bands in the past having to win a contest or get signed due to a popularity poll rather than talent. Everything seems so political to me. Maybe it's just the election year...I guess I will search the indie labels for something new; if I can wade through all of the weirdness and maintain my high standard of taste!

And with that, I will end today's ramblings and try to find something to do that will help me be a productive citizen. Wish me luck! I need it...

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

True Campaign Reform

Is it just me, or could we do without the television ads for the presidential candidates? I enjoy politics and feel it is important to keep up with what is going on in the world, and television ads from political candidates are of no help in either instance. If there were to be true campaign reform, we should begin in this area first and foremost. An incredible amount of money is spent on advertising. And the ads that are ran are nothing but lies and half-truths. We never learn about a candidate's stance or idea on any given issue. Leadership can't be judged or determined by these ads. Nothing of any value can be gained by theses ads. Like most everything else on television, these ads are more about marketing and manipulation than they are about substance.

Go to and see for yourself. It seems to be an unbiased site that exposes all of the "untruth" in these campaign ads. Then try not to be sick at your stomach.

It appears that the only thing that is truly non-partisan is dishonesty.

Did anyone see Katie Couric tie Joe Biden up in knots when asking about the McCain Internet/computer issue? What a joke! For starters, this was Katie Couric doing the knot-tying and we all know how vicious she can be. When I think of people that I would be afraid to give an interview to, Couric is right there behind Winnie the Pooh and just ahead of Charles Gibson. And this "tiger" had a VP candidate absolutely dumbfounded. What will Sarah Palin do to Biden? We may never know since she is being hidden like an ugly cousin. But she can hide behind some t.v. ads in the meantime.

Wouldn't the money spent on advertising be better used elsewhere? How about doing something truly beneficial with the money? Like candidates paying for their own security and letting the taxpayers off of the hook for that one. It would be $10 million well saved.

As citizens, we gain nothing from these ads and marketing ploys. We learn nothing on the candidates. We do learn that there is no such thing as negative publicity and that even the captain of the so-called "Straight-Talk Express" must resort to underhanded tactics to gain a leg up in the presidential race. There may be honor among thieves but there is none when dealing with political ads.

Wouldn't we benefit from more debates? More Civil Forums? Even a few more speeches from the stump? Let's do away with political advertising and force candidates to earn our respect and develop character without hiding behind an ad created by a twenty year old intern hoping to brown-nose their way up the political ranks. After all, who uses a doctor or a lawyer that has to advertise? Why should our future leaders be any different?

If we did do away with these ads, it may force the average voter to have to actually follow what is going on in the world and may cause citizens to have to dig a little to learn about policies and stances. That would cut into our leisure time though. And it is easier to let the television educate ourselves in a thirty second ad. We can learn all we need to know about issues that will affect our lives and our children's lives from a campaign ad, can't we?!!?

So again I take the unpopular stance that alot of the blame falls on us as citizens. We can point to Washington and blame bureaucracy, and be correct in doing so to a certain degree. But we can't take the stance that we are victims and helpless to do anything about it. We can take back America, but not from the couch and not by channel-surfing.

Monday, September 22, 2008


...and now the government plans a $700 billion bailout. Does this bother anyone besides myself? I realize that the losses won't be $700 billion. Some of the assets that are being "purchased" will offset the $700 billion amount and that some of this incurred debt will be resold and redistributed, So what is the actual cost to the taxpayers? And more importantly, why does it matter? Isn't all of this based on speculation, assumption, and "educated" guesswork? And by the time all is said and done, it will all be sifted, softened, padded, and trickled down. Let's face the facts, we will never know the cost.

The study of economics is a very inexact science. For a field of reason that requires cold, hard numbers to function; economics is as much theory, not fact, as the Hadron supercollider and String Theory. Why else do we have so many opinions and ideas regarding things monetary? How else can we explain how we can become so polarized in our economic views?

And why is the government involved? And when will government involvement end? Is this what Alexander Hamilton had in mind? Did Adam Smith's philosophies cease to be worthwhile in the previous centuries?

All things evolve and people must adapt, but I still fear something is rotten in the state of Denmark; and it ain't just the cheese!

I'm not so naive to think that we can live without government intervention in these matters. But to what extent? When does the government stop becoming a servant to the people and begin to be a nursemaid? And that is what is happening, make no mistake. As consumers, we have been childlike and immature, and now we need someone to wipe our noses and tell us when to come in out of the cold, cold rain. We have ceased to know what is best for ourselves. We have fallen prey to marketing and given in to our petty desires. We have had it so good, that we have taken things for granted. If we can't afford cable or a new Wii or a newer car, then we are being deprived of our civil liberties.

And when things get so out of hand and seem larger than we can deal with ourselves, we want to turn it all over to the government. Let our hired nursemaid clean up the mess we made ourselves. We will cry and sob and lament. But most likely we will not change. Not when something larger and impersonal as government can step in and bail us out.

And how can I say these things? How can I seem so calloused in a time of crisis? Well, there are a couple of reasons.

First of all, things are not that bad. Regardless of what the media and the scaremongers tell us, things are not that bad. Look around, globally. Then look at things here at home in the U.S. I think we still have it pretty good. I may not drive as much in as big of a car, but not alot else will change. Except the rhetoric.

Politicians will prey on people in times like these. We will be told how bad things are and how much worse things will get if we fail to vote for change or fail to buy into the audacity of hype. But I tell you, things are not that bad. Things could always be better and we should strive for such. We can be, and should be in many cases, outraged by prices of gas and groceries; but when we put things into perspective we should still thank God for our country and that we only have to make do with only two boxes of Pop tarts, while people in other countries around the world eat rice for the umpteenth consecutive meal...We just don't have it that bad.

Another reason I am able to say these things, is because the truth is that we have gotten ourselves into this mess. And though it is a mess economically, i think it is more of a mess philosophically. Our current ideology needs to change. Our economy has been kept afloat by means of social programs and credit for entirely too long. We need to return to the outlooks and notions that we were founded on. We need to return to the concepts of hard work, ingenuity, individuality, and even sacrifice. We need a revival of work ethics! Not the ideology that someone else will step in and pick up my slack. Or the notion that we are entitled to more than we work for.

Another reason I am able to say this is that we are still free in America. Thanks to our men and women in uniform. Thanks to those who put their lives at stake for my right to be harsh and opinionated. And if any service people read this, Thank you! And we should never forget our war heroes, regardless of politics.

But the main reason I can say this is that I have the knowledge that God is in control. I will digress on the sermon, but all of this reminds me not to trust man or money to be consistent. But to trust God at all times. Not that we can use Him as another nursemaid;we have a responsibility to listen to God and to respect Him. And we have the responsibility to "man up" and get ourselves out of a mess that we placed ourselves into. But God's grace will always be great! And there may be many rewards that will never be measured financially.

Again, I will back off of the sermon. But as I end things for today, I do ask that we all examine what it is that we serve.

And can the government bail out our souls?

Friday, September 19, 2008

Random Thouhgts

About all I have for today are a few random thoughts. And I will try to be brief but entertaining, and as always, thought provoking. And I hope, interesting to read...

Is anyone else tired of cleaning up after Ike? I have dreamt of tree limbs and chainsaws all week. And when I get to the point of grouchy, I am reminded of the poor people in the gulf who have it so much worse than I do. Then my complaints seem petty; which they are...Keep praying for those in the gulf and Caribbean.

Free Ed Hochuli! He's still the best ref in football. There's no question that he dropped the ball, but I think hate mail is excessive. And he's being man enough to respond to every letter! I just hope people think of how many games he has done an excellent job on and not focus on one call...and if L.T. would earn his paycheck that call may not have mattered anyway.

Can anyone else believe that the Obama camp doesn't want Lindsey Lohan as a spokesperson?!!?

Jessica Simpson on the top of the country charts? I'm not a country music fan, but she makes my ears bleed.

And Brad Pitt wrote a large check to support gay marriage. Wow! I wish someone would write me a check and support my heterosexual marriage. Oh, but wait...heterosexism is narrow minded. Oops! My bad...

Why do all of the gay people on cable television all look like Elton John riding a merry-go-round? I hear these gay men talk about individual rights and freedom of expression and so on and so forth; then they all act like stereotypical, gay men. It's all a little cartoonish to me. And I'm sure that someone will view this as hate-mongering.

I may do some blogs on words, word origins, and words current meanings. I for one don't know what anything means anymore. How do we define marriage? Feminism? Homosexual? Bi-sexual? Racism? Science? Religion? etc...I thought I knew what these meant but the words are used so wrongly that it causes me to wonder.

Will the Rams score a touchdown this week?

NHL training camp opens for most teams this week...That is a reminder for all four hockey fans left in America...Fire Bettman!

And that's about all of my printable, random thoughts for this morning. I hope everyone has a good weekend! God bless!!!

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Potential Nonsense

As I've written before, I am a nerd; and I tend to read some pretty "nerdy" stuff. So when I saw this week's "science nonsense article" was about another potential planet, I couldn't look away.

I guess I could explain what the "science nonsense article" is first...Once a week or every ten days or so, the mostly main stream news sites such as MSN, Yahoo, etc. feature an article dealing with science related matters. But they only feature ONE article in that span. Two articles in that span would be "nerd" overkill and they would lose style points with the "cool" crowd. And this could be tragic to our culture! Brittney and Lindsey and other "cool" people's lives are much more important than the Higgs Boson. Not to mention that it is difficult to live vicarious lives through a supercollider, rather than a celebrity. We feel better about our mistakes and our lives after we watch the train wreck of celebrity. But that is a different topic for a different day.

Back to the science stuff...This week's article dealt with another potential planet. And you did read that correctly, I said potential planet. But there was something different to this story. A potential Sun! Wow! Not only can astronomers detect potential planets, but potential suns. I will lay down 3:1 odds that they will detect a potential galaxy within the next few years.

The potential technology is possibly unlimited.

Scientists found this potential planet may be orbiting this potential sun. And it has the probability of sustaining life, theoretically speaking. And that leads to the logical assumption that the life sustained may be intelligent life. Potentially.

Does this sound very unscientific to anyone besides myself? Does this even sound logical?

There is a telescope powerful enough to view things parsecs away, but it isn't powerful enough to differentiate between a star, a planet, or an asteroid? Yet they make assumptions based on mathematical theorems and scientific algorithms and proposed trajectory; then they sell it to all of us ignorant lay folk, as all but fact? Maybe that is the only way that they can maintain their grants and funding. That I'm not sure about, but it is probable.

Does this bother anyone except nerds like me? Does all of this potentially proposed stuff make you feel like you're being talked down to? Like maybe the scientists are all laughing behind our backs at the ease of which they peddle their "junk" to us common people?

And is that better than the alternative of the scientists actually believing that swill? As I've said before, I'm a fan of funding these programs. Our lives have been bettered by many products that have come not potentially, but in reality, from many of these galactic goose chases. But there still should be some accountability. We shouldn't just overlook the nonsense of potentials and assume it is harmless. Because eventually this preposterous information gets into the hands of politicians. And worse, it gets into the hands of the religious liberals. Then the next thing we know theory and assumption could be taught in our schools as fact. Oops! Too late...

So I feel we need to arm ourselves with a few facts. If we aren't educated, even in scientific nonsense, we really are left to the will of those who will use and manipulate potential scientific studies. Then we could be left to potentially face problems of possible nature.

So do all of us a favor and read up on the seventeen mile long supercollider in France. Look into the politics that caused Reagan to stop funding a supercollider here in the U.S. years ago. Then when you read up on the Higgs Boson, don't be afraid. It can only point towards God, not away from God.

Venture forward from there and read about quarks, then neutrinos. And how neutrinos are detected. Then tell me if the Standard Model of an atom is accurate. And how much scientific fact is really only theory.

Or leave it all to people like the eggheads that believe in the problematic potential of possibilities...

Monday, September 15, 2008


What was left of Hurricane Ike rolled through here early Sunday morning. And it made quite a mess. Even as I type this, I hear a chainsaw and hammers in the distance.

As the storm winds blew and we sat and watched without any power, there were many thoughts going through my mind; and I'm sure many had the same experience. Safety for my family, damage to my house, concern for my friends and their families, insurance deductibles, dents on car tops, so on and so forth. And as I sat there admiring the storm while concerning myself with the aftermath of Ike's remnants, my four year old awoke suddenly, grabbed a flashlight, and ran to the window to see the storm for his first time that morning.

"That's Awesome!" was all he said, while wild-eyed and amazed.

That changed my perspective.

And while I know that it's impossible, as well as unhealthy, to live our lives so simply; there are moments that we can. My concerns and thoughts wouldn't stop one limb from falling or send one drop of rain back to the clouds. The conditions were too bad outside to deal with any issues of the moment. So as I viewed my four year old watch the storm with awe and reverence, I changed my outlook on the storm. After all, this wasn't the every day weather; sunshine or overcast. This was something out of the ordinary.

So I followed my son's lead and sat back with a dimly lit flashlight and enjoyed the storm for a while. I prayed for God to protect and left things in his hands.

I sat back and enjoyed the moment. And realized that I miss alot of unconventional beauty and focus too much on the common. I also realized how "Awesome" it is to learn this lesson from my son Noah.

Friday, September 12, 2008

Lipstick, Ike, and Insomnia

It is late in the night or early in the morning, depending on how "chronologically" literal your interpretation of 3:30AM to be. Myself, I just view it as 3:30 AM. I keep odd hours and have insomnia frequently, so I don't know if I'm getting up early or getting to bed late. I do know that being an insomniac used to have certain advantages that no longer exist. One of the perks was television. It used to not be uncommon to be up watching t.v. at three in the morning and find a plethora of B movies, sci-fi flicks, or any given cult film. But infomercials have ruined all of that. And I do mean ruined. Instead of being able to catch, "Robinson Crusoe on Mars" or "The Omega Man", the insomniac now has to watch pseudo round table discussions about bigger body parts, smaller body parts, herbal snake oil, omega vitamins, curly hair, straight hair, or how to make a better sandwich in a $300 oven. It makes me wonder if the economy is really as bad as it has been made out to be. I do know that if people have money to spend on the junk they peddle to all of us struggling with somnolence, that we can't be doing all that bad.

And that is about all of the "soapbox" I care to stand on at the moment. The rest of today's web log will mostly be some random thoughts and musings:

Who knew lipstick would have been such a hot topic in the news this week? Wow! And who didn't think that Obama knew what he was doing? Not that he was calling Palin a pig; I sincerely doubt that we have resorted to first grade put downs, but he was reminding people that, "Obama is still here even though the limelight has found a new crush and I want people to think of me when they hear the word lipstick not just Palin and Covergirl"... Remember, he is nuanced...And how about the McCain camp and all of that pretend anger? Wow! After painting Palin as a tough, iron-willed, and durable individual, suddenly she can't endure a less than sophomoric jab? I kept waiting for the official denouncing to include something to the extent of, "Mr. Obama being a real poopy-pants on this name calling issue".

And speaking of Obama; when you live by the media, you die by the media...Just ask Bill Clinton.

Why couldn't I hit the lousy softball last night?

Who's hotter? Ginger or Mary Ann?

Is peanut butter better on toast or plain white bread? And can I get in trouble for saying "white" bread? Even if it is non-gendered?

How about Hurricane Ike? Secretly, I hope there is a Tina if we get to the T's. And there is nothing more patriotic than gouging your fellow American during a time of crisis. Just ask the people in the oil industry and the owners of the gas stations...Close the refineries, jack the price up $3.00. Reopen the refineries, drop the price $1.00...thats John Adam's "invisible hand" reaching into your pocket. I guess if anyone is gonna take advantage of the American consumer it may as well be one of our own. Why let China and Saudi Arabia get all of the glory? The true patriot would rather be fleeced by an American!

Another thing on Hurricane Ike; Where is all of the media frenzy for Texas? I know that Louisiana stole Mississippi's thunder, but Texas? If Ike were bearing down on N"Orleans, we would be seeing the same old gashing of teeth and melodrama we have seen and heard for three years. I don't mean to be insensitive, but I can't help wonder why there is such a difference in the media coverage. Is Ray Nagin the X factor? Even though he can't spell X? Does Jerry Falwell know God loves people less in Texas? Was George Bush behind Hurricane Ike? Or did he use all of his super powers up when he summoned Katrina to destroy the Chocolate City? Maybe it is Jim Cantore's fault...this one is above my pay grade. And that was a jab, unlike a lipstick comment. Just in case we have lost out perspective.

Why is France so afraid of the Higgs Boson?

Why do I care?

What would happen if Dracula bit Frankenstein?

It was nice to see everyone come together for the 9/11 tribute and honorings. It is a shame that it sometimes takes a tragedy to bring people together. But that is how it goes for most families. And all Americans should be viewed as family....well maybe most, not all.

Did Al Franken really win a primary in Minnesota? Wasn't it Minnesota? Or was it Stuart Smalley and gosh darn it, people will vote for him?!!?

And that is all of the musings for now...Actually, I have trouble with my stomach when I mention Al Franken. I was trying so hard not to focus on Oprah and Matt Damon's brilliance that I slipped up and formed an image of an extreme idiot, God love them... And since I said God love them I can call them idiots, God love them...anyway, the adverse reaction to the asinine, needs to be reconciled, bodily. So I must end things here.

But remember, God does love everyone! Jesus died for Al Franken just as he died for me! So have a good weekend and thank God for grace every chance that you get!

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

It WAS running everywhere!

"Mommy...I'm afraid I spilled the lemonade" were the words that so abruptly interrupted my thought process. My initial response was obviously, "Well, get a rag to clean it up." And then I was brought to my feet by the next response... "I spilled all of it, Mommy, and it's running everywhere." Oh the joys of motherhood!!!

As I bolted to the "lake of lemonade", I found that my precious four-year old's words were WAS running everywhere! Grasping for any and every strip of material that might possibly soak up liquid, I managed to ask, "How did this happen?" And his response..."It was just too heavy with all of that lemonade in it!" It is in those moments that as a parent you realize you have just asked one of those STUPID questions that you promised yourself you would never ask once you were a parent!!! HOW DID I THINK IT HAD HAPPENED????

Yet, in the midst of my hand-wringing "I said I'd never do that" moment, I heard a still, small voice once again. (I never ceased to be amazed at how often the Spirit speaks to me through the process of raising my own children. ) "Brandy, how often do you reach for things that are 'too heavy'...things that you attempt on your own that only cause 'lakes of lemonade'...things that are meant for your good, but only in the right setting and My perfect timing?" Oh, my amazing Lord, once again I find myself before your throne of grace...shaking my head in agreement with your gentle Spirit. Where do I go from here?

And in my moment of reflection, and honestly, somewhat embarrassment, I was brought back to reality by another familiar, gentle, humbled voice..."Mommy, I am really sorry."

AND THERE WAS MY ANSWER..."Lord, I am really sorry."

I am so thankful that the God I have the privilege of serving is a God of grace...a God who is always willing to clean up my "lakes of lemonade"...a God who not only carries the heavy loads, but carries me when necessary!

"Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest. Take my yoke upon you and learn from me, for I am gentle and humble in heart, and you will find rest for your souls. For my yoke is easy and my burden is light." Mt 11:28-30

Friday, September 5, 2008

Let Us All Move Forward

Well, now it is official. I am on the McCain-Palin bandwagon. I was already leaning that direction and knew that there was no way that I would vote for Obama. My views are no secret, as I am usually vocal about many things. And though I often hesitate to say I strictly belong to any certain political party, my friends and family all know that I always vote Republican on the national level. I am conservative in my social views and my political views, but I do not feel that I have been represented in our government lately. I fit the demographics of an Evangelical, but not the stereotype. I don't understand how abortion is a religious choice and I often separate myself from many mainstream churches and far-right fanatics. I'm not a fan of Rush Limbaugh, even though he is from "my neck of the woods". I like the job that Bill O'Reily does, and I do not view him as a fanatic, but I often find his ego difficult to swallow. The reason for these examples is to give insight into my stances. I'm not a moderate; I feel very strongly about many issues. But I am not just another conservative...

I have voted for George Bush four times. I have been disappointed by W's second term. And though my personal approval rating of him is low, I still have tried to support him, and don't feel he has been as bad as the national polls reflect. He's had an incredibly difficult set of circumstances to deal with and I can appreciate that, but it doesn't give him a free pass, none the less. The President of the United States isn't afforded that luxury...And I still think that he was a better choice than the others for leading our country.

Politically, I admire Reagan, Nixon, and Bush Sr. There are others historically, but these are the main men that have inspired me politically. In the past, I was never a big fan of McCain but always thought of him as a good, honest man.

But that has changed this week.

Maybe I got caught up in the hoopla, like many others.

But today I feel better about the conservative movement/platform/agenda and John McCain is a large reason for that.

I have been very disillusioned and felt that government was forgetting the reason it existed... To serve the people... I didn't feel that there was anyone representing my views or my beliefs or my ideas. There were too many Ted Kennedys and Fred Thompsons in Washington. Too many tired old men who put their jobs before their country. Too many people who have grand words and trivial mindsets.

But the convention this week worked. It re-energized the base; and I guess that I am part of that base now. It helped ease my mind about the candidate that I was leaning toward. I heard words and phrases about country first and serving the people, words about smaller government and more power for the people. Mention of lower taxes and less spending is always present at any convention, but I heard of policies and ideas that support those words. I heard words about more choices for citizens and less choices for government.

I heard a man mildly attack his own political party for being tired old men who have gotten out of touch. A man attack his party for corruption and failure. I heard vows of bi-partisan cooperation. There was mention of moving the country forward, and the country was meant as all of the the people in fifty states, not just the people in D.C. or one certain political party. I heard the arcane notion that people matter and that serving a cause bigger than ourselves is the answer to many of our problems.

I saw a man make an unpopular choice in his running mate. I then saw that running mate capture audiences and begin the restoration of my personal hope in government. I saw that person receive unjust treatment from the religion of the left. And that gave me faith in her strength and her ability to persevere. Important characteristics if one is to be a true reformer.

But the most important thing that I witnessed was a man that truly loves his country challenging all of us to do our part to better this nation. A man who has served the country he loves and encourages the rest of us to do the same, in any manner that we can. A man that encouraged us to fight for our children and fight for each other and fight for something bigger than ourselves.

Again maybe I'm just swept away with the movement, but I have more hope on Friday than I did on Monday. And I want it to be known that my ultimate hope is always in God, but my hope for this country is great. For the first time in a long time, I have hope that someone will challenge all of us to do better. I may be naive, but I believe in the McCain-Palin duo to shake things up. I believe in these people as people, not cogs in a wheel that turns a party.

There were lofty goals set and big words and ideas put into motion. If they don't deliver, disappointment will be great. But let's not focus on any negatives until it is time. Let's bask in the moment; a moment for some of us, at least.

But let's not bask long. Let us do as we were asked and fight, fight, fight. Let's be people of actions, as well as convictions. Let's reach across party lines and work together. Let's find our individual niches and begin to serve something bigger than ourselves.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

No Place for the Religion of Liberalism

I'm trying very hard to practice what I preach... I really am... But this week, so many liberals have made it so difficult. My intent is not to polarize individuals, but to look into the actions of individuals that have conceded their individuality by becoming a component of an angry, mindless mob. So many "brilliant minds", and I use the term in the loosest manner, being heartlessly used and manipulated by their own causes and "champions", again used as loosely as possible. And there is no other way to call it. Not by any logic or reason. Only rhetoric separates the grain from the chaff here.

For starters, I'm not talking about all of the Democrats. Let's just get that cleared up "right off of the get go". And I'm not considering people who have views different than mine. The problem today isn't partisan politics or citizens voicing opinions and concerns. The problem today is liberalism.

Liberalism that teaches that we can't have multiple views in this country. Liberalism that treats people as though they hate the things that they don't agree with; and that disagreement with liberal views and agendas translate into ignorance and bitterness. A liberal religion that is threatened by rationale and compassion. Thought processes that try to polarize and generalize so that we all become part of easier, more identifiable groups so that we rarely have to imagine those who disagree with us as people, but as a opponents and components.

My intent is not to be hypocritical in my views of those who disagree with my own individual outlooks. I think competition, even concerning ideas, is always a good thing. Competition is one of the few good things remaining in our multi-party political system. Thomas Jefferson often spoke of competition in politics as a good thing, and while I didn't, historically speaking, agree with him as a person, in many instances I admired many of his philosophies. Many of us with a political bent would do well to read some of his "stuff", even it is merely a handful of quotable sayings. With that example and point made, I will get back to my not being hypocritical in my intentions; And as I have written in my "treatise on polarization", individuals loose individuality, be it voluntarily or not, in the process of universalism.While the point may be made that the polarization caused by the dogmatic liberal movement directs people away from universalism, it must be understood that the goal is to do away with opposing views, by any means or method, until there is but one "acceptable", universal set of ideals; and it can't even be considered opinion at that point, because there will be no freedom left to disagree.

And make no mistake about it, the religion of liberalism intends to do away with opposing views. Even though the word liberal means wide, broad, free from bigotry, given to freedom, etc. it is a severe misnomer in the case of the liberal movement.

And I'm certain that this will not go over well, but the Democratic Party needs to denounce this movement. And not in the manner of simple rhetoric or political correctness. But denounce this religion by refusing to benefit from radical liberalism in any way, shape, or form. Give back the money "donated" by ultra-left organizations. Refute scandal-mongering media and publications. Sever all ties to individuals who represent any section of this "ideology", for lack of a better word, be it on the level of business, personality, or international in scale. When political parties are forced to do their own "dirty work", I think that some degree of integrity may be restored. When purifying and purging the party of extremists, accountability can come back into play.

While those who support the Democratic Party say that I'm on a modern day witch hunt and that I am being hypocritical, or extremely biased to say the least, I ask that you hear me out on this. I say all of this with the intent to better the Democratic Party. There is very little that I agree with on the Democratic Party platform. I think that the party is not what it once was. And though the same can be said about the Republican Party, I do agree with most of their agenda. I even admire and agree with many Libertarian views. I would like to see many major parties strengthened and "purified". Competition is at it's best when those competing are at their best. We would all benefit from the strengthening of the parties, especially as citizens.

My desire for the Democratic Party to do well is sincere. I have no desire to rid the country of people that disagree with my views. I have no wish to have everyone "look Like me" in a political fashion. So why am I so adamant about ridding our country of extreme liberalism? And how is that not being hypocritical, or at least contradictory?

That is because the liberal religion is bad for this country and bad for our people. I have no problem being biased in this area. And remember, I am not speaking of those who merely disagree. I am against those with a lack of integrity, morals, ethics, and reason. A person may feel that the government does a better job spending my money than I do. I don't think so, personally. Another person may feel that same sex marriage is acceptable. Again, I personally do not. All of us with these opposing views may butt heads and disagree, but we do not have to hate each other. We can explain our views with our hearts and our heads and still maintain integrity. We can stand on the issues we feel strongly about and not be threatened by those who oppose us. But when you demonstrate against war and say that you favor peace, only to moments later overturn cars and smash the windows out of store fronts, then you have crossed the line of reason and ethics. To say that you want to protect our civil liberties, then treat others with hatred and contempt because they won't drink your Kool-Aid, is illogical and evil. To say that you value human rights and stand up for the Dali Lama across the globe, then treat not only your fellow citizens wrongly but the very people fighting on foreign soil for your right to behave badly is not only Un-American, but inhumane. Protect the Terrorist, but to the devil with the Christian...

I could go on, but the point has been made. And I stand on my right to want to rid the country of this liberal religion. No one has the right to hate. No one has the right to destroy innocent. No one has the right to infringe upon another. And I do not hate these far left people. Jesus died for them just as he died for me. Although I get mad enough to fight when I see the injustice, I have no desire to harm anyone. I do not want to turn anyone to "my way of thinking". I do want to be rid of the idologies of those I have mentioned in this web log. Our country would be better for it and so would we as a people. Call all of this what you will, but it is my right to express my feelings and my hopes for our country; and no liberal media, party, or religion will be able to stop that as long as we remain competitive in our approach...Nothing can stop that as long as we truly remain free and not give in to correctness or rhetoric.

And you can take His name off of our money and out of our schools, but you better thank God for America. I hope we never lose sight of that. I hope we never lose sight of our responsibilities. I hope we never lose sight of what makes us great.