Monday, January 25, 2010

Go Colts!

Just some random thoughts for today which is mostly football:

How can anyone be surprised by Brett Favre throwing a game-costing interception? This is not even close to being the first time this has happened, but I sure hope it is the last. And it is amazing to me that people still give Favre a break and say that it was his competitiveness that casued him to make that season ending pass. Really? It sure looked like a stupid play to me. And I think everyone on the field, minus the kickers, were in competitive mode yesterday. Did competetiveness casue Peterson to fumble all day? Will he get a free pass like Favre has his entire career?

I personally think that it is a team sport, minus the kickers, and that you win and lose as a team. But Favre gets all of the glory and all of the credit when they win, so maybe he should get more balme when they lose; afterall he is the only player on the field according to the announcers or ESPN.

And he is the all time interception leader, but that is not mentioned too much. And the excuse is that if you play for 20 years, you will have more picks than other QBs; but the logic is not constant when applied to total yardage. He has the total yardage because he is so great but the interceptions becasue of the years played. I don't think even calculus can answer this one.

And the Saints? I find it hard to root for a team that encourages their fans to use broken english or pseudo-french jibberish as any type of rally cry. Way past annoying, if you ask me.

But the worse thing about the Saints is that we will have to live the Hurrican Katrina debacle over and over, at least twenty more times. And did you know that Katrina was the only major Hurrican to ever hit the U.S. Actually, the Hurricane didn't hit New Orleans, the "swell" from the storm devestating the coast of Mississippi flooded New Orleans. I guess that's what happens when you live on the sea and under sea level. And when you don't spen your money ona flood prevention necasue the "gubment" will bail you out so you can spend your money on beads and boobies and muddy coffee. Who dat gonna fix dem levees?

Yeah, the NFC championship was a game of gut wrenching proprtions for me. I didn't want eiother team to score. And there are too many reasons to mention here, but you get the gist from the first few paragraphs.

So I am, "Go Colts!" from here on out. I do wonder when that, "resting the players and forfeting the perfect season" thing will kick in. Im sure most thought it was this week agaionst the Jets, who by the way, have a great future! I wonder if the week off will hurt the Colts? I wonder if pulling the players from the Pro Bowl will cost the Colts the SuperBowl? I'm sure that I don't know; I can't even figure out why a man who wins one SuperBowl and loses another is so much better than other good QBs. Makes being a legend as credible as the Nobel Peace Prize if you ask me.

And I will end by saying that I will vote for the Colts coaching staff for public office if they ever decide to run. They seem to know that soemtimes it is best to do nothing instead of pretending to look busy; and that if it aint broken, don't fix it. If only our politicians would use such philosophies. Less can be more. As long as it isn't on the final scoreboard!

Have a great week and Go Colts!

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