Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Thoughts For Republicans

I have no intention of analyzing any election day results and have less interest in declaring it historic although it was one of the more interesting election days, on many levels. Instead of any analysis, I offer some of my "two-cents" to the Republican party.

Congratulations on your victories, but remember that you have the majority in only one piece of the governmental pie; the Presidency and the Senate are still going to offer roadblocks to many plans. There is much work to do ahead! And frankly, the GOP has not been very stellar in it's track record of "righting wrongs" for lack of a better phrase, over the past six or eight years. I believe the last couple of years may have served as a wake up call and hope for better things in the future.

And speaking of wake up call, please realize that the victories this election cycle are not victories for the Grand Old Party, but a warning against those in power. Now the onus is on you.; at least in the House. You must prove capable of fully utilizing this surge, if you will. No more pledges to America or other nonsensical bombast. Just do your jobs; represent the country. And if you really mean "smaller government" don't just pick and choose where the smaller serves your purpose. Stay true to the ideologies that best represent those of us who are conservative and long for real leadership and direction.

We need new ideas and new direction. We need to know that "we the people" have a role in changing things also. We need less interference in our lives so that we can freely do such. The people have responsibility in the direction of our nation and we need to be held accountable. Washington can't fix everything and should not be expected to do such. So hold us accountable just as we will hold you accountable. Let's really and truly form a partnership between the people and the government, and not just in words or phony pledges.

And speaking of partnership, try to find a way to reach across the aisle and work with those who have a more liberal philosophy. Extend hands to the Democrats and offer sit-down meetings to try to understand the other's philosophy. I don't think that we will find many pragmatic ways to bridge the two ideologies together, but we can at least try to see the other side as human; and not as that of an enemy. This is an opportunity to help bring about an end to all of the polarization in our country. This an opportunity to see that most people are in the middle of the political spectrum and that we want a government to reflect such. This will be hard, especially for us who are on the far right or left, but we can still make an honest attempt. No person is our enemy and we are all Americans.

I have many more thoughts, but not much time. I know that this is probably not the most concise or gathered letter, but I hope what I am trying to convey comes out plainly. I hope that today is the day that we all begin to work together and find our roles and make this country even greater than it is!


Anonymous said...

Well said Ronnie, you are finally coming around. haha. No seriously, I agree whole-heartedly, but I am not going to hold my breath. This is a great opportunity for Dems, Repubs, and Teabaggers..hehe to start getting their act together and get things done! Jeff

RMason said...

Im trying to learn, Jeff! Hopefully so will our Gubment!