Monday, November 1, 2010

Fearless Election Predictions

Tomorrow is a big election day and I'm sure most experts, pundits, bloggers, and other three-cent titular folks have many a prediction. And there is nothing different for yours truly; I have some predictions as to some of the outcomes for November 2nd.

The first prediction is a "fer sure" bet: Some folks will be delighted by the outcomes and others will be angered. I will stake my, umm, reputation on this. The thing to remember that is pertinent to this "fact" is that we must remain civil and respectful. At least in public and to the public. I realize that many of you are thinking of the pot calling the kettle black right now, but I am a changed man. Name calling and venom spitting will not accomplish anything except further polarization in our culture and community. So fuss, cuss, or call Gus so he can cuss for all of us, all you want in your own home, you have that right. But try to use a little discretion when communicating with others. You will catch more flies with honey than bile, every time!

Before my next predictions I have to throw some disclaimers out there. First, I am lousy at predictions. I can analyze data and do a respectable job with concepts and basic algorithms, but I'm just not much of a prognosticator; and not sure I can even spell that without "spell-check". I also have to admit that I predicted that Ryan Leaf would be a better quarterback than Peyton Manning, so prophecy is not much of a gift in these areas. I also have to admit that I have not followed politics or news with much fervor recently. So with all of that said, I do predict that The Republicans will win majority of the House, Democrats will maintain a oh so slight majority in the Senate, and that the Tea Party victories will be less than many supporters and Democrats think. Of course with my track record, I wouldn't take anything to the bank.

I do predict that the Republican victories will lead to everyone kissing each other on the mouth and much proclamation of victory and so on and so forth. I forecast much of the same on the Democratic wins as well. I believe there will be much Kool-Aid drank tomorrow and everyone will claim to be a winner, winner chicken dinner; even the three or four Tea party folks.

I also predict many votes will be cast while the holding of the nose occurs, like our 8th congressional race in Missouri. P-U! I also predict that the "Puppy Mill" measure will pass because people can't say "No" to puppies or small children. Not even Republicans. I am very much against the amendment and think that it is a bad proposition, but most people won't take time enough to check into what it is all about, just give me the spoon-fed version and "Puppies! I love puppies" and it's a done deal.

I will leave you with one final thought and it is not a prediction, but a fact: God is in control. We can predict Doomsday and tell everyone that the sky is falling all we want to but it wont change that fact. We can cringe at outcomes and find ourselves in unbelief at peoples' ignorance or apathy, but God is still on the throne. As much as we fear the future due to "Hope and Change", campaign promises, and political outcomes tomorrow, still God is unchanged.

That is one thing that ALL parties can agree on; God is in control and He will not be surprised by any outcome tomorrow. And the wonderful thing is that even if some don't believe it, it will not change a thing for those of us that do; He is in control!

So get out and vote, early and often if you are in Illinois. Try to be civil to one another. And rest easier knowing that God is on top of things; regardless of amendment, proposition, or election.

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